Trémargat, a Breton solidarity and cooperative village

France Bretagne
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Short presentation

In this village of Côtes-d'Armor of 192 inhabitants, everyone is involved, in the service and around common values: ecology, mutual aid, and degrowth. The inhabitants share a desire to live together, in a different way.


solidarity, mutual aid and ecology

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

While the countryside of Central Brittany is emptying, some young couples decide to put their suitcases in Trémargat in the 70s, supported by the "old natives remained" of the village. Today, the village has gained more than 50 inhabitants and is often presented as a model in terms of participative democracy and the revitalization of its town center. A perfect example of this innovative campaign!

Actions implemented

Today, there are no less than 16 associations and 33 companies of farmers, potter, cabinetmaker, florist, nurses, cutler…

To renovate the church, a financial arrangement combining grants and patronage made it possible not to use the 150,000 euros of the municipality's budget.

To revitalize its village, the municipality, supplied with 100% renewable electricity, bought the walls of the bar and the grocery store, leaving the management to associations. Since 2008, the Tremargad café has been run by the local association "La Pépie".

The development of the center was carried out "almost voluntarily, during collective and participative projects".

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

A process: the inhabitants get involved, the town supports!

Inhabitants' words:
"There is nothing alternative. We roll up our sleeves and work together."
“We practice hummingbird politics. Everyone does their part! "

Presentation of coffeeshop and groceries by the Bruded network:


Municipality of Trémargat (Public structure )
Le Bourg
22110 Trémargat
02 96 36 55 07