Transistop, orgagnized hitch-hiking network

France Grand Est
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Short presentation

Organization of a hitchhiking service in the Munster valley.


To make the mobility between cities and town easier, to face the lack of public mobility services.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

The transistop was launched in the Valley of Munster (Haut Rhin, Grand Est), around the inter-Community, in collaboration with the latter. The challenge is to create trust between inhabitants to democratize the hitch-hiking. Motorists who are willing to give people a lift, stick on a symbol on their car, and the people without a car willing to participate, register and get a card, noticeable from far away, to show to the motorist. Hitch-hiking stops were also created, especially designed to allow motorist to park safely. That project is carried by the association to provide support to fill cars for frequent and short duration rides, where planned hitch-hiking isn't relevant. That project ensure that the individual car's rides are reduced.

Actions implemented

To help people to go over their apprehension regarding hitch-hiking, the association allows people to join a Hitch-hiking user network, called TRANSISTOP. Every participant register freely and for free in one of the 23 partner place (town hall, shops, etc.) to be identified. They will be given that logo which prove its registration: that the motorist sticks on the back of his car and that the hitchhiker use as a signal when he wants to hitchhike.

That initiative is also spreading through the nearby valleys.

The Cooperative Company of Collective Interest (SCIC) "Rezo Pouce" is carrying that type of project to the national level. Already 1300 municipalities and 7000 registered are part of that project. They want to change the image of the Hitch-hiking towards municipalities, to make it an official mean of transport.

Other information

Project's start year : 2015


Association Vallée de Munster en Transition (Non profit organization )
12 rue du presbytère
68140 Munster
03 89 77 40 33
Contact : Fabienne Kohler