The little popular café

France Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Short presentation

Associative cultural café located in the village of La Réole, offering cultural programming and community, social and solidarity activities.


The project aims to defend and promote cultural rights, but also a certain reappropriation of public space, through citizen, social and solidarity actions.

> Cultural development: La Petite Populaire offers a complementary program to existing proposals and carries out specific work aimed at audiences far from artistic and cultural practices and / or in difficulty. The objective is to multiply collaborations and exchanges with the cultural and social stakeholders of the territory and, thus, to promote access for all to an alternative and innovative cultural offer. The targeted social impact is also the creation of social and intergenerational ties in the territory.

> Local economic development: the Café, located in La Réole, must participate in the animation of the town center and contribute to the attractiveness of the territory (new arrivals, tourists, businesses). Today, a place of passage, of meeting, it is one of the businesses that include rue Armand Caduc. All generations and all audiences meet there.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Sud-Gironde has a great wealth in terms of heritage, cultural, social organizations, events, festivals, and an extraordinary popular mixity, but, a lack of cooperation and knowledge of the actions carried out on the territory by the different stakeholders and by the population. We felt that the inhabitants of La Réole and the surrounding communities could have expectations or cultural will other than those proposed. The association, a collective of 25 people, then decided to offer cultural alternatives, which work for the revitalization of downtown La Réole and surroundings.

Target audience:
- Local residents
- Schools
- Local associations
- Local shops and companies
- Local or regional tourists, traveling on weekend or day times
- Tourists on a national, European or international scale, including in their journey a visit between Bordeaux and Marmande.
- Children
- Families
- Seniors

Actions implemented

Socio-educational, cultural, economic activities, management of a hybrid café


Municipality of La Réole (Culture) 2 500 €
Community of communes of Réolais in South-Gironde (Culture) 1 000 €
Department (subvention de fonctionnement « Vie Artistique » ) 4 000 €
Region (Appel à projet « Lieux et Projet Culturel de Proximité ») 7 000 €
AMPLI - FSE device (for employment) 20 000 €
Global cost (in Euros) :  €

Human resources and partners

Human resources : 1 ETP

Partners : The municipality of La Réole; The Community of Communes of Réolais in South Gironde; The South Gironde Territory ; IDDAC; The Tourist Office of La Réole

NB: Funding indicated for the year 2018/2019

Other information

Project's start year : 2016


La petite Populaire (Non profit organization )
33-35 rue armand Caduc
33190 La Réole
09 72 65 59 45
Contact : David Lespès