The Circle dou Peìs

France Nouvelle-Aquitaine
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Short presentation

A cultural and citizen Associative Café and shared workspaces (equipped offices and professional kitchen) managed by the inhabitants of the village who have as a common will to experiment cooperative ways of organizing themselves in the fields of work, food, citizenship, the environment and good living together, to meet their needs and more broadly, those of the "World after". A "Cercle de Gascogne" mixed with a Third Place, a place for discussion, meeting, popular education, culture, promotion of local productions.


- Participate in the (social-economic-ecological) transition to a more sustainable, united and responsible world.
- Find shared solutions: pool spaces, tools, cooperate ...
- Develop local agricultural, craft, artistic resources
- Revitalize the territory by creating, perpetuating and relocating work.
- Generate and strengthen social ties : diversity, intergenerational, accessibility

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Rural village of 200 inhabitants, in which no more local services exist.
The surrounding villages are also trying to survive small grocery stores, restaurants, bars, but shops in their unique function do not resist the call of cities. The associations are set up to meet the needs of residents to relocate cultural events (exhibitions, shows, concerts, etc.), spaces for discussion and reflection, work spaces, spaces for supplying local products.

Actions implemented

- Cultural and citizen associative café (organic and local snacks, events)
-Shared and collaborative workspaces (professional kitchen and shared offices)
-Empowerment workshops (first steps in ... beekeeping, welding, natural health, sewing ...)
-Kfé Palabres (meetings, discussions, projections, debates on social issues)
-Cooperative to buy organic and local products, deposit sale of artisanal products, participation in the Territorial Food Approach
Global cost (in Euros) :  €

Human resources and partners

- the Board of Directors
- active members associated with the C.A with the C.A to broaden the discussions, and enrich the reflections
- hyper-active members who participate in general decisions and who manage the project according to the orientations decided at the General Assembly:
- a Facilitator employee who coordinates the implementation of the associative project (28 hours / weekly since September 2019).

Other information

Project's start year : 2019

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

We are an Associative Café involved in the Federation of Gascogne Circles ( AND a Third Place integrated into the Cooperative of Third Places of New Aquitaine (


Le Cercle dou Peìs (Non profit organization )
26-29 le bourg
33730 Pompéjac
Contact : Amandine Lalanne,