The « cabane aux bruyères » (the heather hut) : an eco-built company day-nursery



  • Structure name : CC Pays de Landerneau Daoulas (CCPLD), with the association Don Bosco 
  • Address : Maison des services publics 
  • Postal code : 29208 
  • City : Landerneau 
  • Tel : 02 98 21 37 67 
  • Email : 
  • Type of structure : Public structure 
  • Project's manager contact : president of CC 
  • Website : 


  • Context, issues : Resulting from a partnership between the community of communes of the country of Landerneau Daoulas and the community of communes of the country of Lesneven Coast of legends, the company day-nursery "the heathers hut" is managed, by delegation of public service, by the Don Bosco Association. 
  • Goals : - to respond to the economic and demographic development of the territory in the activity zone in Plouedern.
    - opt for a low-carbon construction method 
  • Targeted audience : 40 children, aged between 3 months to 4 years-old 
  • Actions implemented : Construction of a 720 m² nursery that can accommodate 40 children. There are motor skills and water activities rooms, a garden and a space reserved for parents.

    The nursery has a capacity of 40 places, which is equivalent to 90 to 100 children from 3 months to 4 years, per year on a time range of 59 hours (7:15 / 19h - 5 days / week).

    Day nursery's leaflet :
  • Project's start year : 2010 


  • Technical and human resources, partners : Construction : CC Pays Landerneau Daoulas, Lesneven Pays des Légendes, État, CAF, Région, Conseil Dept 29, Emprunt (CCPLD)

    Management :
    15 FTEs (educators, facilitators, nurse, director, service agents ...)
    The association Don Bosco is a manager (through a delegation of public service), through its SCIC In childhood games which manages its early childhood center. She pays a rent to the CCPLD, covering the loan contracted by it. 

Conditions of success

  • Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors : Sheet produced by the Bruded network (exchange network of local sustainable development experiences between communities).