Territory zero long-term unemployed in Pont-Château

France Pays de la Loire
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Short presentation

In Pont-Château, people who were deprived of it, are offered sustainable jobs adapted to the needs of the area.


Offer to any person joblless a durable and adapted job.
Develop the territory by creating new services for the population, meet the unmet needs of the territories (inhabitants, associations, businesses, community, etc.).

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

The project "Territory zero long-term unemployed" is based on 3 observations:
- nobody is unemployable (we all have know-how and skills).
- it is not the work that is missing (but the job because many needs are not satisfied).
- it is not the rage that is missing (43 billion euros are spent every year in the deprivation of employment, it is proposed to use these amounts by allocating them to the creation of new jobs).

It offers to any person deprived of permanent employment of the territory (here Pont-Château), a permanent contract, in time chosen. To do this, it is a question of starting from people's know-how and positioning them on activities useful to the territory, which correspond to unmet needs.
Thus, any permanently unemployed person living in Pont-Château and a volunteer in the project, must be hired, whatever their difficulties, their abilities, their disability, etc.
In the long term, it implies the creation of an employment's company (EBE) in the social solidarity economy (ESS). The latter will recruit the volunteers to the project and position them on activities that are useful to local businesses, associations, the community or residents.
The activities created must be additional / complementary to those already existing, and in no case must they be competitive with what the local economic fabric already offers.

Target audience:
- All private persons permanently employed (registered or not at Pôle Emploi (French employment agency), having not worked for 12 months or only a few hours per week).
- persons domiciled in the territory chosen (here it is the Commune of Pont-Château).
- on a voluntary basis

500 people potentially unemployed, including about 130 in category A (having not worked at all the previous month).
133 Allocations of the RSA.

Actions implemented

Creation of a local consensus via the creation of a local committee (Town Hall, Department, Region, Direccte, French employment agency, Community of Communes, Employment Service, Mission Locale, SIAE, development council, companies, FACE 44 and private persons long-term use).

Mobilization of unemployed people: 140 met and 70 volunteers to the project.
Mobilization of the companies and census of the useful works in connection with the volunteers to the project.
Event "The Strike of Unemployment" (see the video on the website).


Experimental Fund ETCLD 18 000 €
Various foundations, local authorities, European funds, etc. 5 000 €
Turnover (results) of the company 3 000 €
Global cost (in Euros) : 26 000 €

Human resources and partners

The cost above represents the cost of one FTE per year.

A facilitator to animate the project on the commune (animation of the local committee, the group of people deprived of employment, meeting people deprived of employment, mobilization of companies and fundraising, link with the national association, etc. .).

A local committee (see above) responsible for guiding the project and validating the different actions.

Other information

Project's start year : 2018

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

The condition for success is the "consensus" of the territory, without which nothing is possible: all local actors must come together around this project to set it up (integration structures through economic activity, local authorities, state services (Direccte), Pole Emploi (French employment agency), Mission Locale and employment service, companies, associations, people without jobs, etc.).

In addition, unemployed people are involved in their project, the more they will be integrated into the process and the more likely the project will succeed.


Commune of Pont-Château (Public structure )
Place Dominique David CS 60072
44160 Pont-Château
02 40 01 69 73 pauline.bomme@pontchateau.fr
Contact : Pauline Bommé - coordinator - 07 72 18 63 61 - pauline.bomme@pontchateau.fr