SYC of Quintin: the first rural youth services cooperative in France

France Bretagne
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Short presentation

Young people from Quintin, aged 16 to 18, have been creating their own ephemeral work cooperative every summer since 2013, in order to offer services on their territory (for individuals or businesses).


- To enable young people to learn about the democratic functioning and management of a company,
- Discover the collective organisation of work
- Discovering the local socio-economic fabric

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Born 30 years ago in Quebec, this concept was brought back to France by members of the national network Coopérer pour Entreprendre following an international forum on the Social and Solidarity Economy. The first three French CJS were born in Brittany in 2013, including the one in Quintin, before being developed in the rest of France.

Actions implemented

Young people between 16 and 18 years of age form their own work co-operative to offer services in their territory throughout the summer. The CAE Avant-Première introduces them to the democratic functioning of a business, the collective organization of work, cooperative management and the workings of the market.
This ephemeral cooperative responds to needs on the territory, without competing with local businesses (secretarial work, car cleaning, gardening, etc.). Much more than a simple summer job, the CJS are educational tools for SSE: managing clients, working on organization, time management, profit sharing... .

In Pays de Saint-Brieuc, 2 SSCs are in place: the first one in Quintin since 2013 and the other one in Saint-Brieuc (Croix St-Lambert district) since 2015.
Global cost (in Euros) :  €

Human resources and partners

The SYC holders:
Coordinator, facilitator of the local committee: Rich'ESS
Economic Sponsor: the EAC Pre-First
Youth sponsors: the MJC (CJS Quintin), Le Cercle (CJS St-Brieuc)
Legal, accounting and administrative carrier: CRIC (regional cooperative)
Partners: CAE Avant-Premières, Rich'Ess

The partners:
In addition to the sponsors, the local mission, Beauvallon, the social centre, the town halls of St-Brieuc and Quintin, St-Brieuc Armor Agglomeration, the Departmental Council, the Prefecture, Terre et Baie Habitat, Crédit Agricole, volunteers ...

The financiers:
The State (PIA Jeunesse), BPI, the Regional Council, the Departmental Council 22, St-Brieuc Armor Agglomeration, the cities of Quintin and St-Brieuc.

Other information

Project's start year : 2013

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

Review of SYC of Quintin in 2016 :
More information :