Support to the digital equipment in schools

France Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
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Short presentation

Presentation of the digital equipment support project for the schools in Livradois-Forez.


- Support the teachers and the municipalities in the project of digital equipment especially the smallest schools
- Develop an educative digital culture
- Promote the equipped school and the provided teaching to reassure on the digital practice.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

During the creation of the application of the Leader program, the digital usages were identified as a priority to support and, especially in the educative digital field.
A work was created with the National Education allowing to understand better the issues of the digital equipment in schools, equipment, which is the resort of the municipalities.
We can’t imagine a school without digital as it’s already part of the pupils’ life to the point that it influences their behaviour, their valour and competences. Its utilisation isn’t enough to the acquisition of a digital culture, it is essential that the school guide the pupil through the elaboration of a citizen path.
The digital technologies represent an educative tool. Their usability logics aren’t always accessible by the experience. Apprenticeships are essential especially if we want to avoid social inequalities.
The technologies are carrying a true pedagogic promise, if we take care to articulate well their potential with a serious and didactic reflexion.

Target audience:
- Schools and municipalities
- Children and families

Actions implemented

- Promotion of equipment and uses of digital education in connection with the National Education and teacher referents to digital uses
- Accompaniment in the choice: demonstration, organization of school visits
- Update of a monitoring tool that aims to become interactive to list the level of equipment, their usages, good practices, ...
- Administrative and financial follow-up


Leader 110 000 €
Global cost (in Euros) : 150 000 €

Human resources and partners

Co-animation of the action sheet with the teachers and a digital project manager
Dialogue with the inspector in charge of digital education
Accompanying municipalities

Other information

Project's start year : 2015

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

National education and community dialogue are the main factor of success, we cannot impose a "digital equipment"
The dividing line with the FEDER, which intervenes beyond 25 000 €, supports projects in rural communes, from 1 to 3 classes
Vigilance point: follow up of the equipment, especially in terms of maintenance, but also the question of the teacher’s formation


GAL Livradois-Forez (Public structure )
Maison du Parc
Contact : Eric Cournut Directeur adjoint et coordinateur du programme Leader -

Supported by LEADER

LAG Livradois-Forez