Shared housing for seniors (65)

France Occitanie

Short presentation

La Marotte is a collective and intergenerational home that allows seniors to keep their autonomy and independence.


- break the isolation of independent seniors
- maintain the elderly in their village
- create a space for intergenerational meetings in the heart of the village (exchanges with childminders and children in their care, organization of youth workcamp to develop the garden ...)

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Because of their inadequate house, too isolated but also the remoteness of their families, several elderly people in Tilhouse (Hautes-Pyrénées, 223 inhabitants) had to go to an "Ehpad" (nursing home) while they were not dependent. To avoid these rarely chosen situations, the municipality has acquired and built a large town house in shared housing. A family is housed upstairs to watch over the residents.

Target audience :
- independent but isolated seniors

Actions implemented

Collective and intergenerational home called La Marotte, including:
- three studios from 25 to 36 m² and a shared space on the ground floor. Rent from 385 to 450 euros / month.
- an apartment of 120 m2 upstairs, to receive a family who could help the elderly if necessary. In return, reasonable monthly rent of 500 euros.
- a furnished apartment of 60 m2 upstairs, to receive the families of residents, against a participation for the expenses (50 euros on weekends, package possible per week).


Global cost (in Euros) : 800 000 €

Human resources and partners

Renovation costs ensured by the Town Hall of Tilhouse

Management, animation and maintenance of the premises provided by the CIAS of the community of communes of Baronnies

MSA (Agricultural social mutual) support for project development
Other partners: Carsat pension fund, elderly departmental council service, local clique (local information and coordination center in gerontology) and Adil

Other information

Project's start year : 2011

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

This collective accommodation is very stimulating for residents. They help each other, play games together, participate in CIAS activities

More information:


Commune of Tilhouse (Public structure )
35 Route des Baronnies
65130 Tilhouse