SADI – Intercommunal Home Help Service (56)

France Bretagne
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Short presentation

In the canton of Cléguérec, home help services have been pooled.


- Strengthen the capacity of assistance in the territory of the municipalities concerned through the pooling of human and financial resources.
- Increase the quality of the service rendered thanks to the harmonization of the statutes and the professionalization of the agents, made possible by the management of the services on a larger scale.
- Reduce the level of precariousness of carers, by increasing the capacity to redeploy hours worked and by vocational training.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Face to the difficulties of the CCAS, the 8 communes of the canton of Cléguérec decided to pool their home help services to make them sustainable. Services are improved and employees are better valued in their work.

Target audience :
- Seniors
- People returning from hospitalization
- Disabled people
- Vulnerable people

Actions implemented

Creation of an Intercommunal Syndicate with Unique Vocation (SIVU) which replaces the communal CCAS for part of their activities. The SADI ensures the interventions 7 days out of 7 (Accompaniment for the activities of the daily life and for the essential acts of the life)

Other information

Project's start year : 2011

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

While this mutation has proved complex, the benefits are numerous:
- Harmonization of the statutes upwards
- Training plan for all
- More working hours thanks to a bigger territory and a service 7 days out of 7
- Possibility of getting involved in animation activities

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Intercommunal Syndicate with Unique Vocation (Public structure )
3 Impasse Jacqueline et Pierre Le Clainche
02 97 39 08 41
Contact : President of SADI and Cléguérec mayor