RuraConnect, promote teleworking

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Short presentation

Reservation platform for third places in rural communities which aims to facilitate the remote work of many workers and reduce the time from home to work.


Facilitate remote work by having access to a workspace everywhere
Reduce travel time from home to work
Revitalize campaigns

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Rural Mayors of France innovate with RuraConnect so that each teleworker and each professional can find in France an office or a meeting room in the municipalities to work remotely or offer their services in the rural world.

The targets are : independent and liberal workers, companies, associative structures ...

Actions implemented

Book a workspace in 3 clicks in town halls and companies throughout France. Let’s put people back at the heart of trade.
RuraConnect is accessible on all supports, even on the move, constantly discover the spaces available around you.

Single pricing throughout France by kind of space:
- office 1 to 3 places: 15 € HT / half day
- place in a coworking space: 9 € HT / half day
- meeting room: 3 € HT / place

Discover the platform by registering for the webinar (duration 30 minutes). Several sessions take place each month.

Other information

Project's start year : 2019


Association of Rural Mayors of France (Non profit organization )
52 Avenue maréchal Foch
69006 Lyon
04 37 43 39 80