Revitalization of the downtown with and for the inhabitants of Laurenan

France Bretagne
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Short presentation

This revitalization project aims to recreate the link and the dynamics in the commune, to make it attractive (services, activities, animation), by involving the population (participative approach).


-Recreate a core of the bourg, less stretched, with a new shop.
-Affirm the rural identity in the planning: landscape quality and nurturing function.
-To go from a road logic to shared street logic, by affirming a travelling comfort and a more welcoming urban space (Reconquer the conviviality and the children).
-Create a real residential route: increase the number of rental housing, get a more attractive offer in the downtown to capture the interest of young people and to respond to a need for the seniors.
-Fight against the private owners who are using their housing only during holidays.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Laurenan is a municipality of 730 inhabitants. The population has been stable for 10 years. 28% of the population lives in the bourg. Low unemployment rate. Localized close to a big centrality (Loudéac).
Faces a desertification, shop closures...

Actions implemented

Prior: realization of 3 studies/diagnostics (started 9 years ago) to construct a roadmap and a concrete action plan, matured, with a global demarche :
1. PLU
2. Sociologic study, with a focus on the shops (by David Lestoux)
3. Study on the housing and the shops (By Terres à Terres, and Territory in movement)

Laureate in 2017 of the project call “Dynamism of the rural bourgs of the Brittany’s cities” launched by the State, the Region, the Public Landed Establishment, and the Territories’ Banks.

Start of the project in January of 2018, for 4 years:
1. Renovation of the party room
2. Creation of housing (renovation of vacant space belonging to the municipality and creation of an allotment on a field bought by the municipality)
3. Shops-activities: creation of a bread deposit (future grocery/associative bar), open 3 days a week managed by 40 volunteers.
4. Planning of the public space. Objectives : make the bourg more convivial, more green, give the space to the pedestrians.
Global cost (in Euros) : 424 000 €

Human resources and partners

-Creation of a management committee (40 members), with Sylvain Coquerel (Territories in movement) and definition of the principles and the operation of the participative demarche
-Creation of Thematic Work Groups (Which are reunited 2 or 3 times between every COPIL the first year)
-Designation of a referent for each thematic in the COPIL (From 2019)
-Organization of concrete works (participatory building site, visit of other projects on the Bruded’s network)

Other information

Project's start year : 2010

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

-The prior studies/diagnostics are vital to draw a roadmap and to have global demarche
-Get accompanied by an exterior person-resource
-Explain well the démarche to the population, clearly define the operation rules of the work groups
-Accept the posture change of the elected (Participative plan = shared governance)
-Involved the intercommunity to reinforce the centralities
-Experiment to develop the solidarity between municipalities

Formulary wrote by Leader France, after a field visit organized by the Bruded’s network (network of experience sharing and local and durable development between collectivises).
Formore information and other experiences on the same thematic:


Mairie de Laurenan (Public structure )
3, rue de l'Argoat
22230 Laurenan
02 96 25 67 00
Contact : Valérie Poilane-Tabart, maire