Restructuring of the cultural offer in Ploeuc-L’Hermitage

France Bretagne

Short presentation

Presentation of the project of restructuration of the cultural offer in Ploeuc-L'Hermitage.


- Develop the cultural offer throughout the territory of the new municipality,
- Strengthen the existing cultural offer by improving reception conditions.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Considering that the cultural offer existing on the territory of the new municipality is not totally satisfactory and balanced, the new municipality wishes to take up this subject.
Based on the following observations:
- an offer unevenly distributed over the territory of the new municipality, with a little developed cultural offer in the delegated municipality of L'Hermitage-Lorge,
- an existing offer to be strengthened and developed to optimize better access to culture for residents.

The municipal council has therefore decided to carry out a project to structure the cultural offer on the scale of the new municipality in order to offer a better service for the whole population (from young children to the elderly), based on the principle that access to culture by everyone is an essential service.

Target audience :
- Large public

Actions implemented

The Municipality of Ploeuc-L'Hermitage wishes to structure its cultural offer on the territory of the new commune. To respond to the pre-identified findings, the actions envisaged are:
1/ develop the cultural offer throughout the territory of the new municipality:
- opening of an annex of the Louis GUILLOUX library-media library in the former station at Le Paly, in the delegated commune of L'Hermitage-Lorge,
2/ strengthen the existing offer:
- expansion of the exhibition room of the Louis GUILLOUX library-media library,
- creation of an outdoor gallery covered with an exhibition in the courtyard of the Louis GUILLOUX media library,
- carrying out a feasibility study for the transformation of a former hotel called "La Maison BOSCHER" located centrally on Place Louis Morel into a music school (classroom, offices...)
The music education offered by Saint-Brieuc Armor Agglomération is currently housed in dilapidated, unsuitable premises that are not accessible to people with reduced mobility. This study is part of an overall project to restructure the cultural offer at the municipal level but is not the subject of this grant application.


European Union (Leader funds)
Région Bretagne
Global cost (in Euros) : 100 000 €

Other information

Project's start year : 2018


Municipality of PLOEUC-L'HERMITAGE (Public structure )
Place Louis Morel
22150 Ploeuc-L'Hermitage
02 96 64 22 00
Contact : Séverine MERCIER, Director of services,