Requalification of the Tréveneuc’s downtown



  • Structure name : Mairie de TREVENEUC 
  • Address : 2, place du bourg  
  • Postal code : 22410 
  • City : TREVENEUC 
  • Tel : 0296708484 
  • Email : 
  • Type of structure : Public structure 
  • Project's manager contact : General secretary 
  • Website : 


  • Context, issues : The municipality is doing a densification and redynamization operation in the downtown.
    A diagnostic of the facilities and the existing buildings and a global facility study were realized in consultation with the inhabitants. The parcels concerned are communal properties and occupied by a set which is the bread deposit local and a grocery-café, non-mastered extensions and not so rich green spaces except for an oak. The set is delimited by roads which gives it a central island characteristic. The degraded, asbestos buildings and without much architectural interest will be demolished.

    A consultation in adapted procedure of project management for the construction of public buildings and the demolition of buildings was launched by the municipality. 4 teams of architects selected in the first stage of consultation were able, with the help of the model at their disposal, to propose their vision of the development of the central island. The Nunc agency was a laureate. Following this feasibility sketch, many meetings were held with the residents and elected officials, and the project evolved by taking into account all the remarks.

  • Goals : - Create a true space for the town hall and the shops
    - Propose new services for the inhabitants by the creation of a digital space and a restaurant
    - Reinforce the commercial attractivity: creation of a restaurant and a bakery
    - Promote the multi-users circulation and the general slow-down of the traffic
    - Valorize the parvis of the church and the castle
    - Create a new conviviality and relaxation space in the centre of the central island.
  • Targeted audience : Inhabitants 
  • Actions implemented : The goal is to rebuild on this set the Tabaco, the bakery and to complete this equipment with a school cafeteria for 40 children, a library and 3 housing.
    Specified here that it is not social housing in the space dedicated to the downtown because there were 9 realized these last years with a direct proximity with the center (Coteau de Tournebride and Perhéméno) and there are 5 others in project. 4 others are being built in a private housing (Clos des Sentes). The inherent spending for the construction of these 3-housing had to be deducted from the financial plan.
    The Bar-café Tobacco existing will develop in that operation to offer a catering service, answering the need of the inhabitants and the tourists. The bread deposit is becoming a grocery-bakery with of the 100m².
  • Project's start year : 2013 


  • Global cost (in Euros) : 1176548 €
  • Funders :
    • Région - Politique sectorielle : 144000 €
    • Département - Contrat de territoire : 32113 €
    • Etat - Reserve Parlementaire : 10000 €
    • Etat - DETR : 44106 €
    • EPCI - Sud Goëlo : 388299 €
    • Région - Contrat de partenariat : 100000 €
    • Autofinancement public : 458030 €

Conditions of success

  • Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors : Sheet made by the Bruded network (