ProxiBus ADMR « Le Coin Malin des Anciens » (The clever corner of the elder)

France Grand Est
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Short presentation

Our ADMR network relies on the MONALISA system, which strengthens the entourage of elderly people who are isolated or at risk of isolation, by mobilizing
citizen initiative volunteering. We offer, to anyone aged 60 and over, moments of exchange and social connection around board games, a coffee, the newspaper, or even a touch pad in order to develop intergenerational exchange and access to services.


General objectives
Fight against the isolation of the seniors on the territory and promote the social and proximity link and the social cohesion
Specific objectives
•Break up with the seniors’ isolation
•Insert the seniors in a social and proximity network
•Mobilize the citizens of the Aube to allow an investment on a the long term
•Promote the intergenerational link
•Promote the commitment of the young people in the civic service
•Fight against the loss of autonomy
•Lower the digital break between generations
•Facilitate the access to the information and the communication by offering new perspectives to enjoy the “free time”
Operational objectives
Involvement of 2 duo of volunteers in civic service
Involvement of 3 to 6 local volunteers
4 to 6 seniors participating regularly to action per territory (6 seniors x 9 territories) which is more than 54 seniors
3 circuit realized per week in 9 aimed town.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Our network relies on the MONALISA dispositive created in July of 2013 by the elected minister of the senior and of the autonomy, to find the levers allowing the reinforcement of the seniors’ circle suffering from solitude by mobilizing citizen volunteering.
Our network intervenes to dynamize the general mobilization in the Aube’s department and profits from the skill exchange about this subject with other departments. We would like to encourage the citizen participation and the volunteer local actors to develop the creation of social link with the seniors.
To complete the already supported action by the Convention of the Financer of the Autonomy Loss of September 2016 and 2017, we would like to plan the creation of a new action to reinforce the fight against the solitude of the seniors and the accessibility to the services.
Rooted in the Monalisa project, the idea is to buy a commercial vehicle and develop it so that it can welcome some people.
That vehicle would circulate through town of the Bar-sur-Aube region, according to a well-defined itinerary (circuit 1 on Monday/ circuit 2 on Wednesday/ circuit 3 on Thursday) to propose a regular meeting to the seniors of the rural towns.
That vehicle would be a true place of conviviality, animated by a duo of volunteers in civic service (Monalisa ambassadors) with a volunteer, who will propose to every senior a time of exchange and social link around board games, coffee, press or even a touch pad to develop the intergenerational exchange and the access to services, all that for free.
The volunteers will also be formed to support the seniors in the realization of their demarches on websites such as the taxes, the family allowances, the prefecture, the Health insurance and so to allow them to be more autonomous in the use of internet and its tools.

Actions implemented

The objective of that project is to offer a place of conviviality to the seniors of the rural towns of the Bar-sur-Aube region, a planning will be established and proposed to the towns.
The selected towns have for criteria to not have neither clubs or association related to the seniors, nor proximity services (hypermarket, bakery, etc.)
That diagnostic was established by the Prevention of the ADMR Federation of the Aube team.
To inform the public about the creation of these permanence in the Department and in local, multiple communication modes were declined.
A key delivery ceremony will be organized in Bar-sur-Aube. Will be invited associative and local elected, but also different media: France 3 Champagne-Ardenne, Canal 32 and the Est Eclair.
An article of presentation of the project and the permanence will be written and send to the town halls for publication in the municipal newsletter.
Finally, a direct communication nearby senior will be organized thanks to a poster campaign in the shops and proximity services and the sending of flyers at home.
These different modes of communication were already used as part of the prevention of the autonomy loss project carried by the ADMR Federation of the Aube and shown their efficiency.
-Welcoming, coffee, exchanges
2 volunteers in civic service, supported by local volunteers, will have to welcome the seniors and offer the latter a drink. New and old board games, local press, magazines will be proposed to the seniors to promote the intergenerational exchange and allow them to forge links.
-Promote the use of internet and the digital services
The Proxibus project would register in complementarity with the Houses of public services (MSAP) and would allow the access to accompaniments to online demarches for the territory’s inhabitants.
To facilitate the use if internet for all seniors, and especially many dematerialized services, two touch pads will be available in the vehicle, in addition to a router for the internet access.
A MSAP gathers in the same place multiple public services. These mutualized spaces between operators (CAF, Pôle emploi, etc.), from a partnership with the State, the municipalities and the operators of the public services, grant the presence of the quality of proximity services in the territories especially in rural zones.
The MSAP deliver a proximity and quality offer to every publics. It’s a unique place, users are accompanied by agents in their daily life demarches. From the information of the accompaniment to specific demarches, the MSAP articulate human and digital tools presence. The goal is to make itinerant that service in the most rural town and aimed the seniors (60 years and more).
Volunteers in civic service will present the tool on the touch pad to the senior, show them how to use it, and accompany them in the access to the digital services proposed by different institutions, and which the seniors, especially in rural environment are away from it because of a territorial and generational break (Digital break).
To let senior benefits from these multiple services, available for everyone and for free, an accompaniment to the use of the touch pad and of the website is necessary to all the public.
The volunteer in civic service will be formed by the Centre des Impôts, the Caisse Primaire of Assurance Maladie and the Caisse d’allocations Familiales to master the access to the services proposed by these different websites.


CARSAT 5 000 €
Conseil Départemental de l'Aube 8 672 €
Leader 30 000 €
Global cost (in Euros) : 54 590 €

Human resources and partners

A vehicle, many volunteers, civic service volunteers

Other information

Project's start year : 2016

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

his project is completely innovative and experimental since we do not have knowledge of a similar itinerant service. If the concept works, and the first results are quite encouraging, the ADMR Federation will reproduce the same concept throughout the department.
If these good results are confirmed, thanks to the national network of ADMRs and the various LEADER networks, it is very likely that other "Proxibus" will soon be disseminated all over France.


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