POM’s in Villerouge Terménès

France Occitanie

Short presentation

Presentation of a multi-service point run by the Rural Intercommunal Social Centre ADHCO, in the Aude region.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

The ADHCO (Association for the Development of the Hautes-Corbières) was created in 1985 to lead the development project of the Mouthoumet Massif (initial territory of 17 communes and 1400 inhabitants).

Faced with rural desertification and the fragility or lack of services, the community of communes of the Mouthoumet Massif decided to create in 2000, relying in part on existing postal agencies, 9 Multi-Service Points (POM'S).

Actions implemented

The association has been recognised as a Rural Intercommunal Social Centre by the CAF de l'Aude since 2001 and has been managing several services since then:
- The network of 9 POM'S (Points Multi-Services), a network recognised as a Public Services Centre by the State.
- an animation sector, aimed at families, the general public, school groups and support for local associations...
- A home help service (in 46 communes in the Corbières and Haut Corbières).
- A support service for local authorities.
Global cost (in Euros) :  €

Other information

Project's start year : 2000


ADHCO (Association for development of Hautes-Corbières) (Non profit organization )
8 rue du couvent
11330 Villerouge-Termenès