Permanence Accompaniment Online administrative procedures

France Bretagne

Short presentation

In Plumaugat, a rural commune in the department of Côtes d'Armor, sessions of "support for online administrative procedures" are organised to improve accessibility to public services and reduce the digital divide.


- Improve accessibility to public services
- Reduce the digital divide in the context of access and maintenance of rights
- Promote collective prevention actions

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Plumaugat is a rural commune of the South East of Côtes d'Armor (1100 inhabitants).
All administrative procedures (permanent public services) with a reception or support are made in Broons (10 km) and Dinan (30 km) while the opening of the town hall is 5 days out of 7 days. Also, the inhabitants must be mobile.

The Municipal Council has the will to reinforce the accessibility to the public services in proximity. Similarly, the quality of support for users is a priority to maintain their access to rights. Endowed with a dynamism local associative, the city council appealed to the resources of the territory and more particularly Rural Families - Association of Plumaugat.

This is why permanent "support to online administrative procedures" are held every 15 days at the media library

Target audience:
-Inhabitants of Plumaugat

Actions implemented

In concrete terms, support will focus on:

 Help with the use of online services for

• Internet browsing (search for information)
• Find information about the personal file (update of his situation, consultation of payments, certificates, etc.)
• The realization of tele procedures
• Online registration
• The realization of simulations
• Creating a personal account
• The use of digital services
• The use of digital equipment made available by the commune of PLUMAUGAT: computers, tablets, printers, scanners, etc.
 Help to create an email account
• Inform about the precautions to take to secure your spaces and accounts online

 Help with the constitution of administrative file via digital by
• Issuing general information on how to withdraw or file files with operators: CAF, MSA, CARSAT, Pôle emploi, etc.
• Verification of the admissibility of the files
• Putting in touch with the appropriate partner contact when the situation does not belong to the first level of information
• Scanning and printing of documents
• Making telephone appointments and, or helping to make physical appointments with a partner advisor, ...

2 Thematic conferences according to the needs identified in the hotlines organized jointly by the local association.
Global cost (in Euros) : 6 500 €

Human resources and partners

Accessible and equipped premises (with internet connection and computer equipment)
A social worker enrolled in the Maison France Services network
A local association volunteer team

Other information

Project's start year : 2019

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

A partnership bringing together local actors working to implement a response adapted to the needs of families (Community, local association and federation providing technical expertise)
A communication (flyer, article in the municipal bulletin, and "word of mouth" ...)


Familles Rurales-Côtes d'Armor federation and Plumaugat Village (Non profit organization )
21 boulevard Clémenceau
Contact : Céline MORIN