Participatory renovation of a municipal building for associations

France Bretagne

Short presentation

The municipality of Hédé-Bazouges, in partnership with the association "Ce qui nous binds", manager of the Bar’zouges associative bar, has designed a participatory renovation project for the buildings of the old town hall. The objective of this approach initiated by the association is to demonstrate that it is possible to live better together by offering in this "place-tool" the reception, in addition to the associative bar, of various events carried by inhabitants or local and inter-municipal associations.


The municipality wishes above all, through this project, to reaffirm its support for local initiatives by creating, in what is now commonly called the Bar'zouges, a house of associations in order to preserve a place dedicated to civic activities promoting social ties, exchanges, sharing of experiences and solidarity. It therefore aims to be a place of conviviality, open to all, with the idea that it is possible to live better together.

It is also about offering a dynamic and diversified cultural offer radiating across the inter-municipal territory, and beyond.

Finally, the renovation of the building as part of a participatory worksite made it possible to highlight the local heritage while raising awareness and training participants in the principles of eco-construction and eco-renovation, the volunteers being supervised by professionals of these techniques.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

The project is located in the municipality of Hédé-Bazouges, located to the south of the Community of Communes of Romantic Brittany, the last municipality to the south of the country of Saint-Malo.

The participatory rehabilitation of the old town hall of Bazouges, unused since the merger of the two towns of Hédé and Bazouges-sous-Hédé, has made it possible to meet various needs:
- Reception at the Bar'zouges associative bar, managed by the association "Ce qui nous binds", at the initiative of this initiative.
- Hosting other associations and various events, considering that "What binds us" injected positive dynamism into local life through its support for various local actors and its supracommunal influence.
- The enhancement of an existing building allowing the maintenance of social ties and local life in the town of Bazouges.

Actions implemented

The participatory dimension, with the involvement of volunteers in the renovation project, is essential and is part of a municipal desire to encourage and support citizens' initiative, social ties and the exchange of experiences. By using eco-materials, the issue of environmental impact is also at the heart of the project.


FEADER 34 237 €
Community of Communes Bretagne Romantique 4 086 €
Global cost (in Euros) : 47 905 €

Human resources and partners

LEADER made it possible to financially support the realization of this project, even if the financial justification of the participatory project may have come up against the strictness of the applicable regulations.

Other information

Project's start year : 2016

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

This project makes it possible to offer a response to the challenges of living together and common well-being.
Beyond the creation of a house of associations, which offers a range of cultural and leisure services accessible to residents and radiating over a wider territory, it is its participatory, civic and environmental approaches that have been acclaimed.

It makes it possible to reinvent the planning of the local territory, to question the population again about its needs and to involve them in the creation of a new service. More than a participatory project, it is a citizen project. The population is at the heart of the project, the municipality is the linchpin.

This implementation makes it possible to achieve multiple objectives: an unused municipal building regains a function; associations have adequate premises to carry out their activities; the volunteers were trained in eco-construction techniques; the building has a good level of energy performance and demonstrates the efficiency of natural materials in the renovation.

This unifying and efficient project is transferable to any other territory.


Municipality of Hédé-Bazouges (Public structure )
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