Multiprofessional paramedical practice with gymnasium & external course of rehabilitation and fitness



  • Structure name : SAS ATHENA  
  • Address : 16 route de Gap  
  • Postal code : 05300 
  • City : Laragne Montéglin 
  • Tel : 06 85 65 11 09 
  • Email : 
  • Type of structure : Company, Private structure 
  • Project's manager contact : Olivier BRISSE 


  • Context, issues : Creation of a multiprofessional paramedical center in a new building with accessibility standards and RT2012. Once the building phase is completed, the "ATHENA Center" will take care of the patients of the territory in pooled premises equipped with professional equipment (waiting room, consultation rooms, fitness room, meeting room, toilets), a gym and an outdoor rehabilitation and fitness course. The patients care path will be facilitated thanks to a shared multiprofessional information system corresponding to a digital platform in technical platform allowing the management of the structure, the coordination between professionals and the continuity of care.
    The phase of identification of expectations and consultation with the patients, the inhabitants, the health professionals, the LRA and the local elected representatives made it possible to define this global concept in response to the needs of the territory of the Sisteron LAG Buëch. Indeed, in addition to the few existing structures, the lack of globalized care provision has led project partners to think about offering shared care services in consultation with economic actors who might be interested in becoming stakeholders knowing that the care project will revolve around the theme and the support dedicated to the falls of the elderly person (before / during / after) and disturbances of balance as well as prevention, information, training, etc. with the help of different practitioners. 
  • Goals : Goals :
    • improve the provision of care for the population in this rural area by facilitating the maintenance or installation of paramedical and medical health professionals, particularly in a deficit area (Rural Revitalization Zone, AFR Zone, Mountain Zone), by an innovative and attractive exercise mode
    • guaranty access to local health care
    • offer the entire population of the territory comprehensive care with the assurance of continuity of care
    • optimize the working conditions of healthcare professionals by pooling the costs of premises and staff by promoting medical-paramedical-social decompartmentalization around the patient
    • appoint a coordinator / coordinator between professionals to facilitate collaboration between health professionals and the development of the center in line with the needs
    • to contribute to the training of young health professionals, the center being able to constitute a place of internship as well as an attractive concept for the students who would like to come to settle in this territory 
  • Targeted audience :

    Essayez avec cette orthographe : Population du territoire du GAL Sisteronais-Buëch


    Population of the territory of the Sisteron-Buech LAG 
  • Project's start year : 2018 


  • Global cost (in Euros) : 147429 €
  • Technical and human resources, partners : Equipment and materials:
    • professional equipment
    • balance disorders equipment
    • software packages including virtual reality for balance disorders
    • outdoor course equipment
    • furniture

    Human skills implemented in the project:
    - Team (management of the steering committee)
    - Stakeholder (s) and / or consultant (s)
    - Technical and / or educational team 

Conditions of success