Monépi, a participatory network of groceries

France Centre-Val de Loire
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Short presentation

Born in 2016, this network of participatory grocery stores makes up for the lack of local shops by offering organic, local and quality products at a very attractive price, while guaranteeing fair remuneration to the producer.


Our structure oversees the website which propose a free online management platform, to everyone and free to create and easily manage a participatory grocery (Épi).

That new alimentary system created for and by citizens allows to eat organic products, locals, and at a very attractive quality of price, while guaranteeing an equitable remuneration to the farmer, while getting closer of the inhabitant with that participatory initiative. Monépi brings freely a personalized support to each participatory grocery (Épi) in its creation.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

The concept of Epis was born in 2016, the inhabitants of Châteaufort (Yvelines) decided to mobilize to create their own participatory grocery store, in order to compensate for the lack of local trade in the town. In January 2016, the first Epi was born. The grocery store relied on a first version of the IT platform developed in a few weeks by members of the Epi.
When many people from surrounding cities expressed their desire to create an Epi near their home, consideration had to be given to developing the platform to allow shared use. Several members then decided to create a non-profit startup to take charge of the transformation and maintenance of this IT tool, to make it available to all future Groynes in France.

In that new alimentary system, the public recipients are 3:

-The citizens: the management tool developed by Monépi allows citizen to manage their food by consuming better-quality, local and less expensive products. It’s also the opportunity to create an energetic transition at its scale.
-The farmer: 100% of the products selling returns to the farmer. That distribution service ensures them a better financial stability by diversifying the origin of their incomes.
-The communities: Today many municipalities try to recreate social link between the inhabitants and fight against the isolation of some districts. The participatory grocery creates an intergenerational community and reinforce the social link in a district/town/village.

Actions implemented

Our two actions are :

-The development, the maintenance and the evolution of the digital platform
-The development and the support of citizen who would like to create an Épi.

Today more than 2000 families are using our platform daily through 21 Épi which are open and 86 which are being created.

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Monépi 20 000 €
Global cost (in Euros) : 40 000 €

Human resources and partners

- Un développeur full-stack (salarié)
- Un coordinateur (salarié)
- Un community manager (bénévole)
- Un développeur web (bénévole)

Other information

Project's start year : 2016


Monépi (Company, Private structure )
2 chemin de la source
78117 Chateaufort