MARPA (Reception and Residence Houses For Autonomy)

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Short presentation

MARPA allows elderly and autonomous people to keep their autonomy and independence in a familiar, warm and friendly environment.


The Marpa is a warm place of life guided by a living project. The homes have been designed to allow residents to spend their old age in an environment that is familiar to them, independently, at a very reasonable rate. On the ground floor, with a limited number of autonomous senior apartments, surrounded by space and nature, the Marpa offers a warm and friendly living environment.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

First network of retirement homes in rural and peri-urban areas

The Marpa program has a social goal. Whether managed by a public body, an association or a private organization, our retirement residence is a non-profit institution.
The cost of housing is moderate. Its "concept" is based on a label awarded by the Agricultural Social Mutuality (MSA), which defines a frame of reference.

While taking into account the local specificities, the MARPA label (service of the MSA) sets the 5 following principles:
1-Values, a legal and conceptual framework for the assembly of the project, the operation and management of the establishment. It is this strict framework that allows us to offer a controlled rate to our residents.
2-The guarantee of a "home-like" life and personalized support geared towards the exercise of citizenship and the preservation of autonomy.
3-Services to its residents, to the population and to the actors of the territory, and access to external services useful for health, safety and effective participation in social life.
4- The search for cooperation and pooling between Marpa's and other institutions and services for the elderly.
5-Membership in a national federation, strength of proposal, animation and support to the network.

Target audience:
-People aged over 60 and autonomous

Actions implemented

Not medicalized, the Marpa allows living in a secure living environment with many services for seniors, tailored to the daily needs of each.
12 types of specific services can be offered in our residences. The services chosen by the optional residents are subject to a commitment in the contract of stay, subject to changes and adaptations.

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Human resources and partners

Within the framework set by the Marpa label, each manager employer of structure recruits his staff:
- a person in charge of the reception and the follow-up of the residents like the supervision of the team of polyvalent agents,
- polyvalent, available and motivated agents serving the elderly.

Other information

Project's start year : 2000

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

Conrete projects in France:
- La Tuquette, à MARGUERONH (33)
- La Pomme d’Or, à La Motte du Caire (04)
- Résidence Le Bruchet, à PERIGNAT-SUR-ALLIER (63)
- Les Jardins du Grand Clos, à DHUIZON (41)


French federation of Marpa (Non profit organization )
19 rue de Paris – CS 50070
93013 Bobigny Cedex
01 41 63 86 95