Maintenance of the last multi-service shop and social housing offer in Trémeur

France Bretagne

Short presentation

In Trémeur: a multi-service shop and a place for social life.


GLOBAL OBJECTIVES (at the municipal level):
- Revitalize the town center, strengthen its function of "centrality".
- Plan and support, in the medium term, the development of the municipality.
- Integrate the new population and meet their expectations.
- Program in a coherent and progressive way the investments necessary for the life of the town center.
Concretely: "Avoid becoming a common dormitory, halfway between Rennes and Saint Brieuc".

- Make the last multi-service shop a place of meeting, integration for new inhabitants.
- Modernize the structure, make it welcoming, create a meeting room ...
- Broaden the range of products (short circuits, local products) ...
- Offer a meeting space especially for young people and associations (old forge) and equip it with digital elements.
- Renovate upstairs housing (T3), to offer a new low-cost rental structure accessible to low income.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

The development of the heart of the village of Trémeur, to make it a place of social life, is one of the priorities of the municipality. After a study of socio-economic, diagnostic and prospective, elected officials decided to have a comprehensive approach to the development of the town center. Located on the RN 12, 50 kilometers from Rennes and Saint Brieuc, two kilometers from the TER station, the town has undeniable assets. The population is growing, is getting younger, the school enrollment is increasing, the subdivision (housing) is filling up, but the municipality must take into account the expectations of the new inhabitants and promote their integration.
The maintenance of shop, its restructuring and its renovation contribute to the desired dynamics; they are at the heart of our desire to revitalize the town center.

The trade "historic building of the heart of borough", which offers mutli-services, allows to maintain the life of the center town.

Target audience:
- Large public

Actions implemented

The elected officials decided to strengthen the town in its role as a central hub of community animation. They defined the approach to follow, and asked for the involvement of the inhabitants in the development of the project (survey on the expectations related to the activities of the trade), choice of the name ...
The owners of the multi-service business (tobacco bar, grocery store, daily and weekly press, funeral equipment ...) retired in July 2017. In partnership with the ETH of Brittany, the municipality has bought the walls and the goodwill. A manager followed the training to ensure the continuation. Other spaces have been restored (local youth and associative space, housing).


Public self financing (including revenue)
Region (partnership contract)
State (FNDAT, parliamentary fund)
Europe (Leader funds)
Global cost (in Euros) : 550 000 €

Other information

Project's start year : 2017


Municipality of Trémeur (Public structure )
2 place des ifs le bourg
0296848098 contact town hall
Contact : mayor