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Information platform on sustainable development initiatives in the Pyrenees Mediterranean countries.


The objective of Localize! are to allow everyone to know about the sustainable development existing on the territory initiative, to create link between initiatives and to encourage concrete actions. It was created around two main missions:

1- Spread information on the Services (www.localiser.fr/services):
By “Services” we mean: the consumption and movement alternatives (recycling, reusing, short circuit, soft mobility facilities, family gardens, etc.)
Main goals: Information and sensibilization to the locals and visitors: give them the chance to see the information that would allow them to find alternatives in term of consumption and movement near their place and allow them to participate in the census.
2- Give the information on the projects (www.localiser.fr/projets):
By “Projects” we mean: actions in flavour of the sustainable mobility, the mastery of the energy, the sustainable energy production, short circuits, the circular economy, a sustainable town planning, maintaining the biodiversity, etc.
Mains goals: Information to the locals, inform them on the actions of the public and private actors of the territory, to create an enlightened commitment of the locals.

-Knowledge, promotion and networking of the actions: make a census and show the action taken, promote the mutual acquaintance and the contact between project’s holders.
-Enhancement of the territory

Finally, for the technical country’s team, that tool must permit to follow the development of the projects on multiple thematic and orientate the animation answering to a need of dynamization. That reporting is allowed by the bond of the application of the Country Geographic Information System.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

In the action program TECPV (Positive Energy Territories Network for Green Growth), the Communities of Communes carry the investment aiming to engage the energetic and ecologic transition of the territory (public light renovation, purchase of electric cars, etc.) The Country, as for its, decided to create communication tools to sensitize and federate the energies around that dynamic.
The wish of working with a tool different of what is traditionally made, and which represent a proper playful dimension to arouse the interest of the General public, made emerge the idea of a collaborative online mapping support, in which one every durable territory’s initiatives would be regrouped.

Actions implemented

The consultation and the governance of the project
A participatory technical committee
A technical committee was created at the beginning of the project, widely open to the elected, communal and intercommunal agents, mission leader of the Consular Room, the departmental Council and organisms concerned by these thematic and association members

Les membres du comité technique ont été réunis à 3 reprises afin de travailler collectivement à l’élaboration de la carte (modalités de la méthodologie, catégories et contenus, fonctionnalités proposées, etc.), au recensement des données, et à l’ergonomie d’utilisation de la carte et ce, en utilisant des méthodes d’animations ludiques (jeu de rôles par exemple). Ces comités ont réuni, en tout, près de 60 personnes.

The members of the technical committee were reunited 3 times to work collectively on the creation of a map (methodology modality, categories and contents, functionality, etc.) at the census of the data and at the usability of the map and that, by using playful methods (Roleplay for example). These committees reunited in total, around 60 persons.

An articulation work was realized with actors who have a similar tool on some points and at a supra-territorial scale to let every tool following their objectives without any superposition which would harm the efficiency and readability of the actions.

Moreover, the technical committee whished that this tool could be the information relay linked to the sustainable services broadcasted on third-party platforms. So, a partnership was proposed to multiple organisms (Waste Syndicate, CIVAM Bio, Welcome to the Farm, Crafts and Artisans Chamber) to organize data exchanges. Partnerships were also formalized with the IFC Roussillon school and the BTS (Advanced Technician’s Certificate) communication of the Aristide Maillol of Perpignan Highschool to support the communication part (name of the map, logo, creation of the communication strategy etc.) Students worked many weeks in groups on the subject.

The objective was to create an original communication strategy, with innovative actions peculiar to mobilize actors of communities but also the General public.
If the proposals of the students were a bit conventional, they, however, permitted the identification and the documentation of essential actions to do and also to highlight that it was necessary to beef up the communication part of the project (graphic works, naming, etc.).
Thus, a communication plan was created on the project and the interface has been subject to a work with a professional on the name, the graphism and the ergonomic of the map, to create an identity to the platform and manage that the tool is inviting and pleasant to use.
In addition, the brand Localisez! has been registered at the INPI (National Institut of Industrial Property)

The communication
The creative axis and the communication support
The recipient’s projects, registered in the action plan TEPCV (Positive Energy Territories Network for Green Growth), have all been reinforced on Localisez!, which was created as a proximity contribution tool for every actors of the territory and with the vocation to link all the locals initiatives contributing to the ecological and energetic transition of the Country. It’s the “dating app” of the sustainable initiatives in the Pyrenees Mediterranean Country.
Thus, to widely inform of the projects linked with all the operations engaged by the recipients of the Financing Fund for Energy Transition and any other projects linked to the sustainable development, we created and edited posters and booklet which use the metaphor of the “dating app”
To avoid the production of classic booklet which will most likely become waste the second they are read, we decided to give them a true utility by giving it the form of postal card, visit card or bookmark.
Besides these documents, we adapted the communication on more playful support: tote bags, pocket ashtray, solar lighter, reusable cups.

It was important to create true objects, durable and aesthetic, to, first of all create prize that would arouse the participation of the public to the future animations and challenges on the social network (created to introduce people to the map, to let people use it and to finish it) and, in a second time to diversify the supports of the message (object that make you want to use them and so, we’ll be seen by a larger number of people) Moreover, we decided on support that were useful, durable, with a limited manufacturing impact on the environment

Global cost (in Euros) : 30 000 €

Other information

Project's start year : 2018

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

National recognitions
Presented to the Trophies of the Territorial Innovation orgagnized by the National Association of the Countries and PETR (ANNP) alongside fifty other initiatives, Localisez! have been selected as a laureate, in the digital category.
That price has been given by Emmanuel Kessler, President of the Public Senate, during the State General of the Countries and PETR at Nancy, last October.

Presented to the Grand Prix Cap’Com, Localisez! was nominated in the category “behavioural communication”
Thirties professionals of the public communication who were composing the jury choose the 21 remarkable campaigns of the year, among the 130 presented to the contest.


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