L’Etabli, a FabLab in Soustons

France Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Short presentation

L'Etabli is a Fab Lab deployed on the territory of the Inter-Community MACS (Maremne Adour Côte-Sud), localized in the Landes' south. It's an association focused on 2 main topics : the economic action and the education/the youth.


-To connect the territory to the poles of high education and R&D for the benefit of the local companies;
-To spread a scientific and technical culture with everyone, especilay the youngest;
-To realize actions of qualification and insertion for the people away from employement;
-To rely on existing devices, such as incubator, and extend their actions in the field of innovation supporting.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

The project is in a prefigurative state since february 2014. The project' strategy is network based, thus, L'Etabli is a "Third-place" : a mix of people and actors of the local life, a cooperation place between local TPE and ETI and the universities poles for research.

L'Établi targets 7 large families of users through services grouped in 7 larges functions :
1-The teleworkers and the nomad workers
2-The handymen, seniors, children, young people
3-The students, secondary school students, primary students
4-The craftsmen, entrepreneurs, companies
5-The artists, designers, architects, creators
6-The researchers, doctoral students
7-All target audiences

Actions implemented

L'Établi aims to bring a contribution to the digital transformation of the Landes' South territory through a scheduling of various activities :
-Scientific mediations and animations related to the digital (open house, exibition, demonstrations, seminars, universities-companies meeting…);
-Thematics workshop (3D printing, electronics, robotic, computer programming…) ;
-Training on equiments and software of the Fab Lab, the concepts of the digital creation ;
-Support for the realisation and implementation of digital projects (economy, culture, arts, education );
-Provision of equipment and skills ;
-Do-it-yourself and discoverie workshop ;
-Activities in the SSE and integration field.
Global cost (in Euros) : 169 900 €

Other information

Project's start year : 2014


UTL Landes Côte Sud (Non profit organization )
10, allée des vergn
40140 Soustons
05 58 41 23 66 contact@letabli.net
Contact : chairman