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Short presentation

Presentation of the mobility and accommodation pack for young apprentices.


• Identify the needs of mobility of the apprentices and the mobility’s brakes
• Support the success of the apprentices by responding to the mobility problematics (linked with the housing, the cultural and the leisure offers)
• To create new apprentices
• Create favourable conditions for the ATRIUM to attract new apprentices.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

The SIVU Thiers Peschadoires is a transport union which has competence in the public transport offer on its territory.
After the 2016’s foundation of mobility, the SIVU wishes to enrich its offer in term of mobility, knowing the legislative evolution which plan the organisation of the “mobility” competence and the creation of mobility answers on a new, expanded territorial jurisdiction. Thiers Dore and Montagne and Entre Dore and Allier (according to the orientation of the LOM). That reflection conducts it to think about the answer to bring especially to less “mobile” publics.

The mobility need of the apprentices is a very old observation, identified especially by the youth residence the Atrium in Thiers, which finds a decrease in demand for apprentice housing, the lack of mobility solution, especially for the -18 years old or the non-motorized young people.

The mixt union of the Livradois-Forez Parl also created an inter institution plan to the scale of 2 activity zone Racine (the Monnerie) and Felet (Thiers). Twenty companies (representing 850 workers) wished to be accompanied in that voluntary plan. Some leaders expressed the difficulty to hire apprentices or non-motorized young people, especially on the activity zone of Racine not served by a public transport at the time.
Another similar measure is in progress with the hospitals of Thiers and Ambert, the Thiers’ hospital especially, proposing a caregiver formation.

The demography of the territory is especially marked by the departure of the 18-24 years old to studying sites or first job, it’s a distinctive feature, which explains by the lack of post high school offers or formations, but also by the inadaptation of the housing or the mobility problems.
Another observation shows the decrease of the apprentice jobs offer; the number apprentices went from 55 to 16 in the metallurgy sector for example. The structuration of the territory, the access problems to the companies could constitute a brake to apprentice job offer?

Target audience:
- Young audience hosted at the Atrium and not having mobility solutions to get to their places of traineeship and apprenticeship

Actions implemented

Identification of apprenticeship offers and needs with formation centers, schools, companies, consular. Organization of the mobility service in the form of public transports (the regular public transport service not being adapted considering the schedules) with the employment company Actypoles which proposes the service with a driver (service which varies from 7 to 12 young people according to the periods)
Since June 2019: provision of 2 VAE acquired by the CC Thiers Dore and Montagne for the trips allowing it
Communication to the public and formation centers to promote the housing and mobility solution

Funding and resources

SVIU - CC Thiers Dore et Montagne 20 000 €
Global cost (in Euros) : 20 000 €

Human resources and partners

The service is provided on the first hand by the coordinator at the youth residence who register the needs and then contact the company coordinator with a job purpose to organize the trip.
The partners: CCI CMA, companies, local mission, CFA, schools, municipalities, mobility platform, 63 insertion which reunite a driving school, a solidary garage…
It’s an experimental action which is supported by the technical committee, during the time of the organisation of a new competence “mobility”.

Other information

Project's start year : 2018

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

Success factors: The knowledge of the beneficiaries and their needs, and the accompaniment offered allowing the security of the success path of the apprentice.
The availability and the reactivity of the job purpose company’s drivers Actypoles
The partnership and the dialog with the company’s leaders.


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