Le Guibra, an agricultural tavern

France Bretagne

Short presentation

In the commune of Saint Sulpice la Forêt, there is an agricultural tavern: Le Guibra, which acts as a bar, grocery store, restaurant and hosts cultural events.


- enhance the attractiveness of the rural municipality
- ensure the survival of local commerce
- create a lively, festive, intergenerational place
- provide opportunities for local agriculture
- to foster cooperation between the actors of the municipality and those surroundings

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

The municipality of Saint Sulpice la Forêt is committed to support the maintenance of local commerce and the development of local economy. That's why the municipality bought the walls and took over the business when the bar closed in June 2015, in order to guarantee the sustainability of the store.

Beyond a neighbourhood store, "the Guibra" is above all a place of life, meeting, a friendly space where social fabric is made. A business open to citizen initiatives, cultural actions, open on its territory.

Target audience :
- inhabitants of the village
- large public

Actions implemented

Held by 6 people, under associative status, every day a new head full of ideas is present to support this place of life in the center of Saint-Sulpice-La-Forêt. The Guibra offers:
- a bar (partnership with beer brewers and local wine merchants, purchase of fair trade drinks)
- a grocery store (Food products for the most part from organic and local agriculture (55% of merchandise purchases are made within a radius of less than 30km), conventional fresh and dry products as well as breakdown products)
- a restaurant, on the spot or to take away (Every lunchtime on weekdays, from Tuesday to Friday, from 12h to 13h30 and every Friday evening and during events)
- moments of sharing and cultural discoveries (Concerts, Shows, Exhibitions, Workshops)
- small services (deposit of the newspaper Ouest-France, Internet connection, Photocopy)

Human resources and partners

- The Town of Saint-Sulpice La Forêt (owner of the premises and support for the organization of events and the layout of the place)
- The Department of Ille et Vilaine (as part of the Call for projects for the "Revitalization of town centers and the accessibility of services to the public" around the actions of the inhabitants)
- The CAF (Family Allowance Fund) of Ille et Vilaine, specifically with the Parents 'Parents' Forest Club
- The GIP Cafés-Cultures Fund (for the employment of artists during evening concerts and shows).

Other information

Project's start year : 2015

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

- diversity of the proposed activities, which favors the reception of all the public and all the inhabitants
- team of volunteers and employees very involved and motivated


Le Guibra (Non profit organization )
18 rue de la Grange
35 Saint-Sulpice La Forêt
09 83 60 54 44 contact@leguibra.fr