Le Champ commun (The Common Field) in Augan (56)

France Bretagne

Short presentation

In Augan, Le Champ Commun combines bar-concert, grocery, micro-brewery, postal relay activities and will soon offer accommodation and catering.


The SCIC Le Champ commun takes part in to remake the economy a local story:
-Propose to the inhabitants of Augan to live, work and shop in their communes to avoid the “dormitory city” effect.
-Propose something different
-The will to create link between generation, people from different culture and social circles; to make people; who don’t supposedly have any chance to meet, meet.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

2 co-founder who came from the North of France decided to settle in Augan, a village in Brittany’s centre. They quickly wanted to create a local and cooperative dynamic to recreate link in their small municipality. Despite suspicious banks, they got the support of their friends and the 1400 inhabitant of that small village.

Le Champ commun (The Common Field) open its gate in 2010. Today it’s not less than 150 members who join the SCIC, 5 co-managers, 7 employees and 2000 products selling in their grocery, including 200 locals.

Target audience:
- Large audience

Actions implemented

Le Champ commun is regrouping bar-concert activities, grocery, micro brewery, postal relay and soon accommodation and catering.

Human resources and partners

The Common Field worked for many years without receiving any public grants.
•For a short while, the project of the Inn is supported by the FEADER, the Britany Region and the Conseil Général of the Morbihan

Other partnerships: The Common Field is involved with multiple network for a local and fraternal economy : REPAS, CRESS Britany, ESS Pole, CPIE, NEF, Les Cigales de Brocéliande, LA SCOP Le Pavé, the CREFAD, Inter-Réseau SCIC, French Rural Network…

Other information

Project's start year : 2010

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

Village’s implication
Cooperative model
Diversity of the activities

See the Video of L’arbre aux films (2012) which present the good and bad point of the project:


SCIC Le Champ commun (Other )
1 Rue du Clos Bily
56800 Augan
02 97 93 48 51 admin@lechampcommun.fr
Contact : Equipe