Laying out if the natural site of the Maison of the Grève in Planguenoual

France Bretagne

Short presentation

Fitting out of a building – rehabilitated in 2015 by the community of commune Côte of Penthièvre and the commune of Planguenoual – to offer to the public better reception conditions: exterior equipment and facilities (picnic table, toilets, 7 pedagogical signs) and the interior creation to welcome group of people (exhibition spaces, meeting room…)


- Valorization of the municipality’s image (maritime identity, earth-sea link ...).
- Economic and touristic valorization (strengthen the relationship between tourism and the maritime environment, promote mussel farming, reinforce the link between Maison de la Baie-Port de Dahouet by creating a “pivot” place on the GR34 ...)
- Citizen valorization (facilitating cohabitation in good intelligence of the human activities of the sector, raising awareness and informing the quality of water on a coastal environment ...)
- Ecological valorization (discovering the riches of coastal ecosystems, raising awareness about the protection of the marine environment
- Teaching Valorisation (creation of a dedicated mobile application integrating the use of augmented reality and virtual reality)

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

It’s the restructuration of the Jospinet’s sector by the Community of Commune Côte of Penthièvre which allows this year to highlight the slipway used mainly by the myticultors and the renovation of a building property of the Commune.
That engage the Commune to think on the future of that building. In part of its Agenda 21, it wishes to give that building a reception of the public vocation with a pedagogical content will highlighting the citizen education;

And the fact to integrate that project in an intercommunal policy makes the demand more relevant.
Jospinet is…
•In first place a myticulture zone
•Very attended by locals, tourists, discovery classes, walk fishing, backpackers and the riders.
•Located on the GR34, in between the Maison of the Baie and the Dahouet harbour, knowing that the GRP also go through Jospinet
•Rich ecosystem (Littoral and foreshore) with flora, shells, fishes, typical birds (migratory passage loved by the ornithologist)
•Geologically very interesting
•A zone of PLaguenoual is part of the experimental plan “Green and Blue Trame”
•The municipal camping is localed 500m upstream

Today we can observe that the Jospinet site has a strong potential but undervalued. Many tourists go through but don’t stop, lacking the interpretation tools that would highlight the interests. That operation is at its fist phase of a multiannual project for the Jospinet site. In year 2, the commune would like to develop an augmented reality project to apprehend better the discovery of the place. It is valued at 15 000€.
Global cost (in Euros) : 17 100 €

Other information

Project's start year : 2016


Mairie de PLANGUENOUAL (Public structure )
1 Place du 8 mai 1945
Contact : town hall secretary

Supported by LEADER

Supported by LAG of Pays de Saint-Brieuc