Lavoncourt, “smart” village of 350 inhabitants

France Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Short presentation

Presentation of the smart village of Lavoncourt.


- Bring back public services thanks to digital
- Maintain services to the public (post office, library, multipurpose room ...)
- Provide housing and health services

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Our village, Lavoncourt, 350 inhabitants, however identified as a borough-pole with its public services, its services to the public, its health services, its shops is at the heart of a very rural territory ... Lavoncourt was declared "smart village" on the occasion of the "Ruralitic" days in 2016, for three essential reasons: we are in the digital transition (label 4 @), we are in the energy transition (public buildings are heated by geothermal energy), we are in the transition with a strong associative life, lever of the social and intergenerational link.

Target audience:
- Large public, including seniors, children and apprentices

Actions implemented

- Educational grouping since 1975, today educational pole which children from 11 communes of the basin of life. A reception is planned for the early childhood in the form of a toy library.
- Creation of an Intercommunal Center for Social Action (ICAS) in 1995, with 6 communes (9 at present). Management of a residential-home with a capacity of 23 places and creation of a services center.
- Labeling of the services center initiated by CIAS in MSAP (should soon become Maison France Services). He houses :
• A room dedicated to a video-services kiosk. We have thus brought back services since the physical permanences had disappeared: this terminal is connected to the CAF, the MSA, the CPAM, Pole Emploi, the CIDFF.
• A physiotherapy practice (2 physiotherapists) • An optician's office symbolizing the city-campaign connection: an optician of the Mutualité Française is present on Friday. • A nursing practice (2 nurses).
• The post office in which a ticket clerk operates.
• A multipurpose hall, headquarters of the intercommunal library.

Right in front of the MSAP, renovation of the old presbytery to install on the ground floor osteopath, company of taxis and soon dietician and clinical psychologist. On the floor, realization of two housing for apprentices. Simultaneously, the OPH Haute-Saone built around the 12-unit T2 housing for seniors who will be close to the services.

Lavoncourt is also complementary businesses or artisans: supermarket Casino, newsagent, bakery pastry, bar-restaurant, hairdresser, beautician, roofer-zincer ... In addition to health professionals already mentioned, Lavoncourt also has a doctor and a pharmacy. All have just joined together in a territorial project of primary care validated by the ARS and we will soon have telemedicine.

Launch of a pedestrian itinerary to discover the village of Lavoncourt, its history and heritage. Just over 3 km long, it is decorated with billboards with two pictures : an old postcard and the same photo taken nowadays at the same place by Bertrand Mougin, head of the Amicale photo club. This itinerary is also guided and commented on on the portable digital application "runnin' city".



Other information

Project's start year : 1975

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

- taking into account the aging of populations in rural areas for 25 years
- elected people (officials) were precursors (in terms of educational groupings, digital uses ...)
- associative dynamism, implication of the inhabitants


Mairie de Lavoncourt (Public structure )
1 rue de la Motte
70120 Lavoncourt
Contact : Jean-Paul Carteret, mayor et Vice-President of AMRF