Kupland, the only country specifically designed for remote working


Short presentation

The only country specifically designed for remote working: a network of private and public service providers.
The companies that have joined the project (19 at the moment) are very different: there a small country hotels, restaurants or B&Bs, there are coworking offices, some are creative spaces like art galleries or workshops. Remote working became a new standard !


Kupland brings providers of remote working services in South-Eastern Estonia (Võru, Põlva and Valga Counties) together under a single umbrella brand. We will help you find the best work location for you or your team.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

South-Eastern Estonia is lagging behind the urban areas in economical and social standards. Depopulation is a big problem. The area is known for beautifulf nature and tourism, but tourism services tend to be very seasonal

Geographical coverage: 3 counties in South-Eastern Estonia
Our main target group is technologically savvy workers that need a change of routine and environment.

Actions implemented

Whether your remote workplace in Kupland is a lovely farmhouse or an office in a small town, you are always surrounded by fascinating nature. You can come alone, with your team or family. Well-designed spaces for work and accommodation provide for all your needs. Generously sized desks with comfortable seats are available at each location. High-speed internet, printing services and plenty of sockets are also standard. Like you, we know the importance of good lighting and comfortable room temperatures. You can brew or purchase coffee or tea at all locations.


Ministry of Finance
SA Põlvamaa Arenduskeskus
SA Võrumaa Arenduskeskus
SA Valgamaa Arenguagentuur

Other information

Project's start year :

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

Strong points: The concept of remote working has really evolved and changed during 2020, because on Covid-19. There is more trust in remote working, and it has become a new standard. The public - private partnership is also a success factor.

Critical points: The lockdown of countries limited the number of potential clients in 2020, but there was more than usual interest among local people in finding a peaceful remote working environment.

What we keep: We keep growing in number of partners, and in spreading the word.


SA Põlvamaa Arenduskeskus (Põlva county development centre) (Company, Private structure )
 Põlva, Valga and Võru Counties
+372 53 450 975 lisanna.elm@polvamaa.ee
Contact : Lisanna Elm