Itinerant Public Services House (MSAP) in Beauce Val de Loire


  • Project's name : Itinerant Public Services House (MSAP) in Beauce Val de Loire 
  • Country : France 
  • Area (for France only) : Centre-Val de Loire 
  • Thematic : Mobility and Transport, Public and social services Solidarity 


  • Structure name : Communauty of communes Beauce Val de Loire 
  • Address : 9 rue Nationale  
  • Postal code : 41500 
  • City : MER 
  • Tel : 0254814580 
  • Email : 
  • Type of structure : Public structure 
  • Project's manager contact : Caroline SODOYER, animatror of mobile public services - 06 77 16 46 94  
  • Website :!-00235 


  • Context, issues : The itinerant MSAP project on the Beauce Val de Loire Community of Communes comes from the results of the departmental plan to improve the accessibility of public services in the Loir-et-Cher department 2017-2022. This scheme has demonstrated an unequal territorial network in terms of public services provision on the department.

    A House of Services to the public makes it possible to accompany the users in all their administrative procedures. The bias of the community is to experiment a mobile MSAP, in camper, in order to be able to meet the users in the different municipalities of this predominantly rural territory. 
  • Goals : The itinerant nature of the MSAP has several objectives:
    - reduce inequalities between urban and rural, by allowing the inhabitants of the most remote rural communities to have access to the same services
    - increase the attractiveness of rural communities by bringing services closer to the population
    - limit travel as much as possible by positioning the MSAP in the Place de la Mairie or nearby, and thus contribute to reducing our environmental impact

    The goal is to bring services closer to the user, in order to alleviate the accessibility problems of the most fragile (elderly, unemployed, young people ...), who do not always have the means to move. 
  • Targeted audience : Users
    Most vulnerable people: job seekers, elderly people, young people 
  • Project's start year : 2018 


  • Global cost (in Euros) : 121000 €
  • Technical and human resources, partners : The mobile MSAP was tested for one year thanks to the financial support of the State, the Department of Loir-et-Cher and the European LEADER funds.

    An agent is responsible for animating the MSAP. It is formed by each of the partner operators. The facilitator acts as an intermediary between the user and the partner. It is in charge of assisting the inhabitants in their administrative procedures but also contributes to re-establishing of the social bond a relationship of trust with the most isolated users.

    The partners of the MSAP are: the Family Allowance Fund (CAF), the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM), the Employment Center, the Agricultural Social Security (MSA), the CARSAT for the pension schemes ... 

Conditions of success

  • Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors : Communication on the device is a key success factor. The main relays were the municipal newsletters, the billboard, the intercommunal magazine and especially the word of mouth.

    Animation is also essential to the success of such a project: beyond its interest in accessibility to services, the MSAP has an undeniable social interest, a strong bond between the facilitator and the users.