Interactive environmental awareness park in Racu (Romania)



  • Structure name : Associata LEADER Egyesület 
  • City : Racu 
  • Tel : +40 266 379 045 
  • Email : 
  • Type of structure : Non profit organization 
  • Project's manager contact : Anca Pintilii, coordinator of National Federation of LAGs 


  • Context, issues : Commune Racu, Harghita county.
    Situated on the banks of the Olt River, the village of Racu was named after the Astacus astacus, which once lived in clear and clean water.
    In this area there are two protected areas Natura 2000.
  • Goals : create a playground that bears the footprints of the thematic paths, where children assimilate information about the natural environment around them during the game.
  • Targeted audience : large public 
  • Actions implemented : Arrangement of the interior courtyard space
    Construction of exterior spaces
  • Project's start year : 2019 


  • Global cost (in Euros) : 48908 €

Conditions of success