Inter-communal media library “Between Dore and Allier”

France Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
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Short presentation

Presentation of the "Entre Dore and Allier" intercommunal media library, which offers reading areas, a collaborative and productive space, a digital space, exhibitions, an auditorium.


- Translate the uses of media libraries defined collectively in a dedicated building while continuing to network with reading points
- Create an open place respectful of all uses (reading, collaborative and productive space, digital, exhibition, auditorium, ...)
- Propose a new service to the population

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

The community of communes wanted to bring the realization of an intermunicipal media library, head of networks and gathering the library and other reading areas.
The idea was initiated in a participatory approach that brought together actors, elected representatives and residents around a media library project first thought in terms of uses before thinking in architectural need. The Community of Communes has worked with the 27th region which proposed on the basis of many consultation meetings a plan of use which has been submitted to an architect's competition.
The media library is a place that gives and offers privileged access to culture, knowledge, information, entertainment and leisure, and new technologies. It's a third-place, a laboratory for itself and for users to experiment and test. It is a catalyst for social innovation and a training space for digital citizen cultures. It is still an appropriate environment for the construction of new forms of participation and constitution of common goods in order to favor the interactions between any type of public which composes the territory. The media library is at the heart of the territory and it is in this sense that it must have tools facilitating and innovative so that everyone can find a space for cultural, social and citizen development. The needs and expectations of users, the practices of media library users, evolve more quickly than professional practices. Digital cultures are a perfect illustration of this evolution : the population adapt more quickly than the world of libraries. In addition, the media library will have to influence the perception of reading, which would migrate from a centralized model to a model of sharing, experimenting with new uses and innovative services and horizontal coordination, between media libraries, between local libraries, between professions, between readers and between inhabitants and users.

Target audience:
- All the inhabitants and outside (the community has made the registration to the media library free including for the inhabitants out of territories).

Actions implemented

Before the opening of the media library:
Consultation and use plan
Networking of all media libraries and reading points of the territory
Various animations "While waiting for the opening of the media library": site visit, meeting in the communes, choice of resources, ...

After opening:
"Classic" actions
Cultural programming
Animation outside the walls
Educational project related to local schools (primary and secondary) ....


State (DRAC)
Global cost (in Euros) : 65 000 000 €

Human resources and partners

Some numbers :
1,600m²: Area of the Media Library between Dore and Allier which houses around 35,000 references
300m²: The lobby area with reading corners, presses and coffee area
200m²: Office space and internal spaces
40m²: Size of the Workshop that can accommodate 20 people for various and varied activities
76, the seating capacity of the Auditorium
9.8 FTE in 2019 - 8 FTE at the opening of the building
From 33h to 35h opening per week and opening on the first Sunday of each month from 14h to 17h

Partners: State (DRAC - regional direction of cultural action), Department, region, commune, actors dedicated to the public reading and the media, national education, ...

Other information

Project's start year : 2012

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

Success factor:
the association of all the users / inhabitants upstream of the construction, within the framework of a concerted and collaborative approach, the definition of the uses before the realization of the architectural plans
dialogue with other places of reading and networking that allows to design the project without competition

Points of vigilance: the anticipation of the operation of such equipment with a dedicated and trained team


CC Entre Dore et Allier (Public structure )
10 rue Saint Jean
63190 LEZOUX
04 73 78 11 07
Contact : LACAS Jean Christophe -