Integrated Measures for the development of marginalised communities (Galati County)

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Short presentation

Increasing the social inclusion of 250 inhabitants of the marginalized community in the territory of the GAL Tecuci Association, Galati County, by implementing integrated measures in the areas of occupation, social services and anti-discrimination for the purpose poverty reduction and marginalisation.


Promote the social inclusion of 250 excluded people.

Specific objectives :
1. Facilitate access to the labor market for 80 people through training, vocational guidance and professional integration programs
2. Foster the professional activity of 46 people through development programs and support for entrepreneurship.
3. Increase the social inclusion of 250 people through the development and implementation of integrated social services for the marginalized community.
4. Increase the social inclusion of 124 children by implementing specific actions to combat discrimination and promote multiculturalism (information and awareness campaigns, activities, etc.)

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

According to the Atlas of Marginalized Rural Areas in Romania, several villages in Galati County, in the territory of Tecuci, are strongly affected by the severe marginalization of certain categories of the population. To fight against the high risk of poverty and exclusion, the GAL Tecuci association has set up a social center project.

The audiences concerned are the poor or in a situation of exclusion, the unemployed or inactive, minorities (Roma, the elderly, the suffering ...)

Actions implemented

Project implemented by GAL TECUCI with the support of two partners: the SEMNAL Foundation (component fighting discrimination and promoting multiculturalism) and the development association "EQ" (component professional integration).

This project provides an example of good practices in the field of Roma integration thanks to the LEADER approach: involvement of Roma in the design and implementation of activities, sensitization of political decision-makers and local actors on economic dimension of Roma integration and identification of solutions to improve the standard of living of these communities in the long term.


FEADER (programme Leader) 140 000 €
FSE 873 043 €
Global cost (in Euros) :  €

Other information

Project's start year : 2019

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

• The top: innovative activities in the field of employment, which can be transferred to regional and national level.

• The difficulties: difficulty in implementing this new partnership approach. We had to follow the saying “Learn by doing” in order to integrate our needs and ideas into the project.

• Advice fand recommendations: complementarity of partners, key to project success

• Good practice (approach, tools or levers): Promote the integration of excluded people through the LEADER approach


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