Habicoop, french federation of inhabitants cooperatives


  • Project's name : Habicoop, french federation of inhabitants cooperatives  
  • Country : France 
  • Thematic : Housing 


  • Structure name : Habicoop 
  • Address : c/o Locaux Motiv 10 bis rue Jangot 
  • Postal code : 69007 
  • City : Lyon 
  • Tel : - 
  • Email : info@habicoop.fr  
  • Type of structure : Non profit organization 
  • Project's manager contact : - 
  • Website : www.habicoop.fr 


  • Context, issues : A cooperative society of inhabitants brings together people who want to manage and improve, together, the dwelling they occupy in the same building or on the same land. The fundamental values are collective owership, the exit from the speculative system and the democracy.

    The Habicoop Federation is working on a legal and financial framework likely to be widely reproduced, with the aim of bringing up co-operative of inhabitants in France. She obtained a legal recognition of this new form of habitat in 2014 
  • Goals : Resulting from a citizen movement that began in 2006, Habicoop, now the French Federation of Cooperatives for Inhabitants, aims to:
    - represent the inhabitants' cooperatives with the public authorities, negotiate and conclude agreements with any partner organization, to recognize the function of social utility and the general interest of the inhabitants' cooperative,
    - create and administer tools and financial resources contributing to the security and development of member structures,
    - carry out actions to prevent the financial and economic difficulties of the member structures; research and participation in the implementation of solutions to abnormal situations,
    - carry out studies and implement actions aimed at the financial and technical development of inhabitants' cooperatives,
    - pool information to facilitate the creation and success of new projects,
    - to help fight real estate speculation,
    - meet the needs of the inhabitants' cooperatives and prefiguration associations, in connection with the regional structures affiliated to it,
    - support the development of regional structures,
    - to consult all the cooperative movements, as well as the partners of the participative movements both at national and international level,
    - inform and coordinate its members.

    The population cooperative movement is very strongly anchored in the territories. 
  • Targeted audience : large public 
  • Actions implemented : The cooperative societies of inhabitants are companies with variable capital (...) whose purpose is to provide to their associates-natural persons the enjoyment of a dwelling as principal residence and to contribute to the development of their collective life (...).
    (extracts from articles L200-1 and L200-2 of the Construction and Housing Code).

    See the project map: http://www.habicoop.fr/la-carto-des-cooperatives-dhabitants/ 
  • Project's start year : 2006 


    Conditions of success

    • Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors : Concrete projects:
      - la Maison Oasis, in Lorgues (83) : https://maison-oasis-lorgues.jimdofree.com
      - l'Aronde, in Lauguédias (22) : https://www.aronde.org/
      - le Col-Pau, in Billère (64)