“Grains d’ici” : locavore grocer-caterer

France Occitanie
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Short presentation

"Grains d'ici" : a grocery-caterer promoting short circuits and organic farming.


We want to:

* Develop our communication tools by:

- The creation of a website: a platform for our referencing for users, explaining our approach, all of our activities (place, entertainment, outdoor services) but also highlighting our territory (places to discover on our town and around) and the producers with whom we work and their approaches (also allowing the meeting with them).

- Promotion and display tools: in the village (flags, signs at the parking and our terrace) but also at the edge of the main road leading to us. Flys, leaflets that can be given in local tourist networks and can be sent to professionals especially for our catering services.

* Provide the best conditions for our catering services:

- Advice and upgrading (if necessary) of our workspace
- Supplies (kitchen equipment for preparation, service, transportation)
- Refrigerated vehicle (vehicle suitable for transport and maintenance cold and respect of the cold chain)

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Established as the only multi-service trade of our municipality for almost 2 years, we promote living together, the collective, the quality of products and the development of a peasant and organic agriculture. We work mainly in short circuit with more than sixty producers and craftsmen (bakers, market gardeners, breeders, cheese makers, brewers, winemakers, gatherer-processors, olive growers etc.). Behind each of our products, we defend the work and care provided by them and the need to maintain a local and sustainable economy, social values ​​and solidarity.
We also want to develop our activity by offering "catering" services, cold and hot buffets offering only local products, valuing short circuits and organic farming. We have already achieved several such services and we really want to renew these operations and make them regular, which would allow us to develop our business in a consistent way, to maintain, make it profitable so that we can live, but also that we can hire more regularly and hopefully, in the long term, help for the project in the kitchen, service and store.

Target audience:
- The inhabitants of the village, the tourists and the whole Narbonne basin.

Actions implemented

Groceries, Concerts, educational and locavore caterer , meeting cafe


LEADER 32 000 €
Grand Narbonne 8 000 €
Global cost (in Euros) : 50 000 €

Human resources and partners

1 full-time employee for the grocery

Other information

Project's start year : 2018

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

The role of grocery store promotion was a success as residents then resorted to short circuit directly from producers, giving revenue opportunity for groceries.


Grains d'ici (grains from here) (Company, Private structure )
2 bis rue de la république
11120 Pouzols Minervois
04 68 27 68 05 grainsdicipouzols@gmail.com
Contact : Noémie Gazza

Supported by LEADER

Gal Est-Audois