Fraternity” as a vector of social inclusion!

France Nouvelle-Aquitaine
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The Community of Rural Communes of Entre-deux-Mers promotes volunteering and relies on associations to pursue public policies.


Pursue our public policies by relying on the associations of the territory;
Communicate with residents to inform them of the multitude of associations that exist and the services they provide;
To transmit to the greatest number the values of volunteering, mutualism and fraternity;

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Fraternity" as a vector of social inclusion!
Our community of communes has grown over the laws we were imposed, without much consistency. We went to 9 in 1997 to reach 50 communes today!
Our territory is divided between several basins of life ... By cons we have something in common: if we do not live together on the same territory, we have the same way of living our territory!
We still believe in volunteering, giving of oneself, the action of local elected officials, mayors and councilors, we believe in associations!
Since we do not have many resources in operation, we support our public policies on support for associations. Associations do a lot of things and they do it well! The savings we make in operation, we use them to invest and equip associations!
While in France, the average cost of the civil service is 500 € per inhabitant, in our community of communes it is simply 250 € / inhabitant. While the French State devotes to urban areas a DGF (General Operating Grant) of € 120 / inhabitant. it devotes to rural areas only 60 € / inhabitant. from the same DGF!
Instead of wanting to dismantle the rural territories, the French State would do better to be inspired!

Target audience:
The inhabitants

Actions implemented

Internally and externally communication training to make agents of the community become the promoters of the territory and of our public policies, relying on the associative fabric;



Human resources and partners


Other information

Project's start year : 2018


Communauté des Communes Rurales de l'Entre-deux-Mers (Public structure )
rue des Martyrs
33540 Sauveterre-de-Guyenne
Contact : Yves d'Amécourt , President