Fran’s Honey Laborer


Short presentation

Shop specializing in honey and its derivative products, launched by the wife of the beekeeper of the farm. The goal is to facilitate and promote direct sales and short circuits.


- Offer direct sales of honey.
- Diversify the honey production activity with the manufacture and marketing of artisanal derivative products.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Jumilla is a municipality and a Spanish city located in the north of the Region of Murcia, in the Altiplano region.
Is famous nationally and internationally for its wines and pears, both with Designation of Origin.
25,600 inhabitants
Surface 972 km²

The farm has 100 beehives.

Actions implemented

Bet on the creation of a store specialized in honey and its derivatives (propolis, pollen, royal jelly, wax, honeycomb, beekeeping), as well as products made with beeswax, such as candles, soaps, skin products and esthetic. It is also committed to personalized glass engraving.

With demonstrations of artisan work at various events such as fairs, markets, etc. to which the whole family travels, at the same time that they market their natural products.

Global cost (in Euros) : 118 126 €

Other information

Project's start year : 2018

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

The only and exclusive trade in our territory of direct sale specialized in honey and its derivatives.

Sustainable use of the natural environment for the extraction of honey.


El Obrador de Fran (Company, Private structure )
C/ Cartagena Nº7
30520 Jumilla
+34 619 52 32 39
Contact : Redención Fernández Tomás

Supported by LEADER

Supported by Association for the Regional Development of the Northeast of the Region of Murcia

Contact :
Francisco Santa Yago