First youth cooperative of services in rural environment in the Haut de France



  • Structure name : Association A Petits Pas 
  • Address : 16 route de Canlers 
  • Postal code : 62310 
  • City : Ruisseauville 
  • Tel : 03 21 41 70 07 
  • Email : 
  • Type of structure : Non profit organization 
  • Project's manager contact : Régis Tirlemont 
  • Website : 


  • Context, issues : Action usually taking place in city and as part of the policies of priority district, the association A Petits, linked with the community of communes of the High Country of Montreuillois and the CAF (Family allowance), suggest to create the first youth cooperative of services in rural environment in the Haut de France !

    Why in rural environment?
    The High Country Montreuillois is a territory where, after a shared diagnostic with local partners and the CAF, was constated that there are no civilian projects for the young people. The CJS (Cooperative youth and services) allows the young people on an enclaved territory to meet up during summer (July-August 2019) on a large citizen project in a rural living area. We think that the creation of a youth cooperative of services would be a great idea to face the problematics of the territory. It contributes to animate a territory and to solicit the youth, which is living in the said terrotory, to create the future of the villages . We wish, through that plan, to project and accustom young people to the corporate culture in rural environment.
  • Goals : -Create a cooperative company, managed by young people, which products an economic activity, which can, even, with the agreement of the young people and their parents, generates a wage.
    -Develop the cooperative, collective and citizen spirit. The CJS assumes that the workers decide of the orientation, manage the development problematics and use a democratic way of operation.
    -Try out a cooperative company with a vast learning field, because it offers a weekly practical formation in entrepreneurship, permsits the development of skills, know-how and a corporate culture encouraging the professional insertion of the young people.
    -Propose a new service for the young people of the territory
    -Develop the business spirit of our young people
    -Develop a potential “creation of companies” on the territory in the future by the young people’s sensibilization
    -Propose a paid activity for the summer on the territory
    -Allow young people to discover the multiple actors of their territory
    -Network the actors of the territory
    -Propose a rewarding experience to let them develop their skills and capacity to work as a team
  • Targeted audience : Young people from 16 to 18 years old on one of the 49 municpalities of the rural territory of the High Country of Montreuillois. 
  • Actions implemented : During summer, 15 young people will create a cooperative company. They define their offers, realize prestation, take their decision as a team and get paid by the result of the activity.
    It’s a collective experience to develop the awareness of the young people of their capacities and their power to act, but it also is a territory project which creates collective dynamics between local actors.
    The three dimensions of the education and the collective entrepreneurship cooperatives are:
     >A company
     >A learning place
     >A collective experience
  • Project's start year : 2019 


  • Global cost (in Euros) : 40835 €
  • Funders :
    • Plan de financement prévisionnel (en cours) :  €
    • FDVA : 5000 €
    • CAF : 8000 €
    • LEADER : 19000 €
    • Autofinancement privé : 8835 €
  • Technical and human resources, partners : -A local multi partnership committee
    -1 animator of the local committee
    -1 youth sponsor
    -1 economic sponsor
    -animators especialy formed
    -a promising legal structure: Cooperative activity and employment or equivalent

    The partners:
    The intercommunal social and cultural center of Hucqueliers, the youth service of the community of communes of the High Country of Montreuillois (CCHPM), the elected of the CCHPM, the CAF...
    The CJS of the High Country of the Montreuillois is represented within the regional coordination of the CJS animated by the CRESS (Regional Chamber of the social and solidary economy).


Conditions of success