First itinerant driving school in rural territory in France


  • Project's name : First itinerant driving school in rural territory in France 
  • Country : France 
  • Area (for France only) : Hauts-de-France 
  • Thematic : Employment services and Entrepreneurship, Mobility and Transport 
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  • Structure name : ASSOCIATION ESPOIR 
  • Address : 7 rue JLB Cocquerel 
  • Postal code : 62650 
  • Tel : 03 21 90 34 34 
  • Email : 
  • Type of structure : Non profit organization 
  • Project's manager contact : Anthony MERLIN 
  • Website : 


  • Context, issues : The territory diagnosis with the integration actors by the economic activity pointed the issues lived by the people, weakened by the mobility difficulties. The statistical data show that 25% of the people don’t have a driving license, nor a vehicle, because of learning and financial difficulties. 
  • Goals : - Allow jobseeker of the territory to access to a sustainable job
    - Inform and orientate the Jobseekers on the mobility “solutions” of the territory.
    - Improve the driving school services offer for the Jobseekers by facilitating the access.
    - Allow to bring closer the skills to job offers on the territory
    - Improve the mobility for the Jobseekers, accompanied by the IAE’s structures.
    - Networking of the actors
    - Men and women equality
  • Targeted audience : The project of social itinerant driving school aims to bring closer the weakened publics to the tools allowing them to gain more mobility. The projection on the first three years foresee on average:
    - The welcoming of 40 candidates per year
    - A success rate at least equal to 80%
    - Around 100 people with a driving licence on three years

    The project is based on the fundamentals in favour of the autonomous mobility and the durable job access of the users, because promoting the mobility without professional goals isn’t effective for the integration. The concerned publics by the social itinerant driving school are only people supported by the Integration structure by the Economic activity of the territory.
    The project also aims to act on the local actors’ crossroad by a “mobility” platform role for the orientation to existing systems and proposing mobility solutions (solidary garage, vehicle lend…). This service aims to allow the coordination, the complementarity between rural territory actors.
  • Actions implemented : This innovative professional integration tool takes the form of a camper van with a capacity up to 5 people and is divided into 2 pedagogic spaces:
    - The living room, dedicated to the highway code and the road education classes with our driving instructor certified BEPECASER
    - The back space equipped with a driving simulator for the acquisition of the first driving gesture in autonomy.
    The itinerance will allow the creation of a regular route through the municipalities 2 days a week. The driving vehicle will take the same route to ensure the driving class on road. The goal of this project is to bring the formation tool to driving and move to non-mobile public in rural territories.
  • Project's start year : 2019 


  • Global cost (in Euros) : 165000 €
  • Funders :
    • Fondations d'entreprise : 95000 €
    • Région Hauts de France : 30000 €
    • Département du Pas de Calais : 25000 €
    • Pôle Emploi : 10000 €
    • Prise en charge usagers : 10000 €
  • Technical and human resources, partners : -Volunteer administrators : 4
    -Permanent workers : 1 fixed term contract working full time (the monitor)
    -1 camper van equipped with WIFI and 4G
    -1 driving simulator
    -1 double-drive car approved driving school
    -20 touch pads and 1 computer
    -1 administrative office opened to the welcoming and the information of the actors and the users.

Conditions of success