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Short presentation

"First Books" is an association for the promotion of literature and the book object which offers workshops and activities for all audiences, a traveling bookshop (sale of new and used books) and recycling of books.


"First of all Books" wishes to contribute to the promotion of literature, especially youth, and thus facilitate access to books everywhere and for all. The proposal is multiple: run workshops around books to bring literature to life and bring books to all territories through a traveling bookstore.

For this, the association’s offer is based on the creation of a traveling bookstore, which offers, for an essential part, the distribution of independent publishers and in priority local publishing houses. The association is also expanding this offer of new books with discounted or used books whose prices are more accessible.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

The association was created in 2017 to meet the expressed needs - or not - for access to culture. This project aims to contribute to the reduction of territorial and socio-economic inequalities in terms of access to books.

Target audience: Individuals from 3 months to over 90 years old

She works regularly on the territory of the community of communes of Montesquieu and occasionally during events in the department of Gironde.

Actions implemented

The activity of the association is structured around three axes:

1) Animation:
The activities on offer are aimed at children and adults. Children's workshops allow you to discover illustration techniques, a literary genre, collective writing. Animations for adults allow the meeting with an author, the discovery of a literary genre and quite simply the listening of texts read by volunteers.

2) Traveling bookstore
The traveling bookstore started its activity on June 30, 2018. Equipped with a bus, it is present in various cultural events of Gironde, with a strong anchoring on the Community of Communes of Montesquieu. It promotes local literary creation, by highlighting Girondine publishing houses, authors and illustrators of the territory.

3) Donation / recycling of books
Donations of books are partly sold in the traveling bookshop and partly given to Recyclivre. If the books are too damaged, they will then become valued waste, thanks to the Elise Atlantique company. The resale of donated books helps finance the activities offered by the association.


Départment of Gironde
Region Nouvelle Aquitaine
European Union (FSE)
Global cost (in Euros) : 57 077 €

Human resources and partners

Human resources :
- 20 volunteers
- 1 CDI coordinator (0.7 FTE), since 1/09/2019. This is the project leader

Material resources
- a Media-Bus, sold by the Departmental Council in May 2018.
- book donations (around 2000 titles).

Our project benefits from the support of the European Union. The European Social Fund (ESF) is involved in the context of economic, social and territorial cohesion policy.

Technical partners:
. the Communauté de Communes Montesquieu authorizes, thanks to an agreement, the traveling bookstore to set up once a month on its site and to have a collection point for books at the recycling centers in the territory,
. The Youth Service of the municipality of Saucats, which requests the association for weekly readings with children from public school.
. The elected officials, culture assistants of the cities of Saucats, Saint-Selve, Beautiran and Léognan authorize the arrival of the traveling bookshop in their commune.
. The Léognan associative café hosts a book deposit box, organizes a monthly permanence of the bookstore in its premises, gives access to meetings of our association and solicits us to organize workshops and activities around books.

Other information

Project's start year : 2017


D’abord des Livres (Non profit organization )
06 22 39 05 14
Contact : Sophie Claude, President and Elise Meunier, Coordinator