Falugondnok – village concierge


Short presentation

The purpose of the village guardian or village concierge service is to compensate for the lack of institutions present in villages and the difficulties of public transport in rural areas, to facilitate access to basic services and public services.
The village concierge services thus offer local services to improve the daily life of the population, promote social links and animate the villages.


Improve the living conditions of people living in rural villages.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Unmet social needs and difficulties in accessing public services made it necessary to set up village guard services in Hungary in 1993, in municipalities of less than 800 inhabitants only (the threshold will rise to 1000 in 2022) .

Actions implemented

The village concierge service is set up at the request of the local government, which defines by decree the scope of the tasks to be carried out. Employed full-time and having a company vehicle, the village guard is responsible for providing basic services to residents. It also plays a coordinating role between the villagers and the authorities.
According to local conditions, he is recruited by the mayor, a body of the municipality or a non-profit organization commissioned for this task. Recruited from the village community, he must undergo training at the Training Center of the National Institute of Family and Social Policy.

The basic services offered free of charge are:
• Portage of meals
• Home help (shopping, buying medicines for vulnerable or disabled people)
• Transport of students for extracurricular activities
• Transport of disabled patients and elderly people to doctors' offices and health establishments or to daily services
• Transport of job seekers to an employment center
• Support to municipal services
Other secondary services, subject to charges, can also be offered to residents (transport for leisure, shopping).
This device, governed by a law, can receive the support of the State for the purchase of the vehicle and the financing of the post of village guard.
Global cost (in Euros) :  €

Other information

Project's start year : 1993

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

• Advantages: strengthening of social ties thanks to the daily presence of the village concierge
• Points of vigilance: lack of recognition of the profession of village warden, which deserves to be valued more.
• Good practices (in terms of approach, tools or levers): rely on local resources to strengthen local services and involve residents.


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