Establishment of a partnership for the recreation center Sasfészek Kézműves Udvar



  • Structure name : Potyó Judit Individual Enterprise  
  • Address : Harghita County, Sânmartin Commune, Sânmartin village, no. 261 
  • City : Sânmartin 
  • Tel : +40740768353 
  • Email : 
  • Type of structure : Company, Private structure 
  • Project's manager contact : Potyó Judit 


  • Context, issues : Through the project "Renovation of an existing traditional house without modifications", it is intended to be renovated and introduced in the tourist circuit a building located in Harghita county, Sânmartin commune, Sânmartin village, n . 261, built in 1885 and through the complementary project Establishing a partnership for the creation of the leisure and recreation center " Sasfészek Kézműves Udvar " aims to set up a social leisure center with the purpose of preserving the local traditions. 
  • Goals : maintain and promote the traditional crafts, to ensure the access of the visitors of Harghita county to the local built heritage, to maintain the traditions and to inherit a spiritual model, or to inherit a spiritual pattern restoration versus construction of modern buildings in an uncontrolled way from the point of view of authenticity.

    The project are aimed at promoting local heritage, rural heritage and traditional products, and developing crafts, with local specific handicrafts.  
  • Targeted audience : tourists who visit Harghita County
    the local population, children and adults from the territory of the LEADER Association "Csík" who are interested in local traditional
    the project partners, who will have a chance. to capitalize on their own products  
  • Actions implemented : the operationalization of the infrastructure will be realized through the software project Establishing a partnership for the realization of the recreation and leisure center " Sasfészek Kézműves Udvar " that the realization of a recreation and recreation center partnership.

    Their number may increase over time, depending on the demand made on the one hand by tourists and on the other hand by local producers.
  • Project's start year : 2019 


  • Global cost (in Euros) : 10000 €
  • Technical and human resources, partners : Partners who have signed a partnership agreement on the project for creation of a center for recreation and leisure " Sasfészek Kézműves Udvar " are :
    • Mara Zsuzsanna, restaurateur and artist, will hold workshops on old mobile reconditioning, restoration and mobile painting;
    • Both Magdolna - handmade traditional doll making, dressed in local traditional costume, handmade with traditional elements;
    • Istvan Fodor Vitos-preparation of ,, kurtoskalacs ' ' traditional ;
    • Tankó József, raw material supplier: wood, small furniture supplier (small chair, hanger, etc.) for workshops;
    • Potyó Gyula farmer, supplier of raw materials for cereals ;
    • Potyó Judit Î.I as an event organizer and presents the methods of milk processing.

Conditions of success