Equipment and services in Ploeuc-L’Hermitage

France Bretagne
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Short presentation

Presentation of the overall revitalization project in the town center of the municipality.


A municipality engaged in a project to revitalize its town center:

The strategy :
• Develop housing in the town center and a sustainable residential offer;
• Strengthen trade in the town center by maintaining the economic and commercial activities present in the town, and in the town center in particular;
• Favor a living and sustainable public space;
• Make culture, sport and more broadly associative dynamics a lever for the development of the territory;
• Strengthen public services;
• Maintain a dual centrality and their complementarity within the framework of the new commune.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

The town center of Ploeuc-sur-Lié is a large rural town with a very assertive central urban structure, the heritage of a flourishing past. This town center has many local shops, although some of them have difficulties, and in addition a high density of specific equipment of a central city with 30 local equipments and 20 intermediate equipments (colleges, schools, cultural and sports equipments , House of Public Services, proximity pole for agglomeration services, etc.).

Actions implemented

ICI device at the reception of the Town Hall
Shared cultural shop (planned)
Creation of a House of Associations and local initiatives
Creation of a Public Service House
Relocation of the Community Music School and creation of a third cultural place (planned)
Shared electric vehicles (planned)

Human resources and partners

The municipality is the winner of the 2019 call for projects "Revitalization of city centers and rural towns"
Multisite Territory Revitalization Operation

Other information

Project's start year : 2019


Municipality (Public structure )
Place Louis Morel
22150 Ploeuc-L'Hermitage
Contact : Thibaut Guignard, mayor