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Short presentation

By reopening a local store, the project aims to recreate a village "heart" and to develop active and intergenerational social ties in a town of 700 inhabitants which was devoid of any commerce.
Through the variety of products, activities and services offered, the grocery store - tea room will promote meetings between different "actors": villagers of all ages, local producers and various associations.


The objective is to offer both a local business essential for the elderly and services adapted to the expectations of the working population at the end of the day. The activity on social networks will also reach the population of neighboring villages, which also have no shops.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Mareil-en-France is a village of 700 inhabitants, located in the north of Île-de-France, near the Francilienne and major urban centers (Goussainville, Sarcelles, Roissy airport, etc.).

A grocery store existed until 2017; its closure left the town without any trade. Mrs. MOLARD, a resident of Mareil, proposed to the town hall the opening of a new business. The project takes place in the old post office in the center of the village. The municipality, owner, decided to redevelop it to allow the establishment of the business.

Actions implemented

The project foresees:
- A general store, with mainly basic necessities, but also delicatessen, local products (vegetables, honey, etc.), a "bulk" area (cereals, flour, etc.)
- A kitchen to offer snacks on site and to take away (sandwiches, pancakes, recipes made with unsold items from the grocery store, etc.)
- A small room to "take a break", eat or take advantage of the various organized activities
- Various services (parcel relay, press, stamps, bread deposit, grain library, home delivery ...)


State (rurality contract)
Île-de-France Region
Global cost (in Euros) : 47 438 €

Human resources and partners

“Building” component carried by the municipality of Mareil-en-France: € 23,926.00
=> FEADER amount: € 13,398.56
=> co-funders: State (rurality contract)

"Trade" component carried by SAS Epi'7 everything, so self ... Fairy: € 23,512.00
=> FEADER amount: € 5,821.08
=> Name of co-funders: Île-de-France region

LAG support has made it possible to obtain, in addition to the two EAFRD grants, support from the Île-de-France Region and the State. The LAG also put Ms. MOLARD in touch with the Initiactive 95 platform for support in the development of the business plan and with the CCI 95 for support on the digital strategy. Following the recommendations of the LEADER Programming Committee, Ms. MOLARD approached the MONALISA network (national mobilization against the isolation of the elderly) and stepped up the search for local producers to stock the shelves of the grocery store.

Other information

Project's start year : 2019

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

This project, by the diversity of its offer, is a first within the Regional Natural Park: in addition to the many products and services, activities will also be offered: “do it yourself” workshops focused on the manufacture and realization of related natural products. with "zero waste and recyclable", "Tricot'thé" or "Ca'fée'tricots" actions, culinary proposals in connection with the association "Cuisiner pour la paix"! Travel in thoughts, escape by tasting other flavors ...

The commercial offer will constantly evolve according to the calendar and the seasons, in order to renew the interest of the inhabitants for the place.

The project is also distinguished by the attention paid to respect for the environment (reduction of waste, bulk, local products, etc.), which is an important dimension of the LAG's strategy.

From the point of view of the LAG, this project deals in an exemplary way with the problem of local commerce, which, subject to competition from ever-larger commercial zones, seems to be disappearing in the territory. This observation is now shared by many peri-urban municipalities throughout France. The project is a good illustration of the fact that such a project, to be successful, must bring together the town hall, the inhabitants and a motivated project leader who is very attentive to the expectations of the latter.


SAS Epi'7 tout, ainsi soi…Fée (Company, Private structure )
6 rue Montguichet
95853 Mareil-en-France,
01 75 38 31 08 epi7toutainsisoifee@gmail.com
Contact : Valérie MOLARD

Supported by LEADER

Accompanied by the Oise Regional Natural Park - Pays de France (https://www.parc-oise-paysdefrance.fr/)