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France Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Short presentation

Ella CAR projects aims at meeting senior tenants to extend their independence and break the isolation, as well as to share convivial intergenerational moments.


Extend the autonomy of seniors and break their isolation

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Today, people over 65 represent nearly 22% of Gironde residents. This is why, Gironde Habitat wishes to develop local mutual aid for the bond and autonomy, in order to meet the specific needs of the elderly in its park by going to meet them using a dedicated vehicle named Ella CAR.
The project is under experimentation in the territories of South Gironde and Médoc, destinated to senior tenants over 65 in rural areas (Médoc and South Gironde)

Actions implemented

This project is oriented around three main missions:

- 6 volunteers in civic service (3 in the Médoc and 3 in the South Gironde) are responsible for creating a link between seniors and other tenants to promote intergenerational social ties, mutual aid and the exchange of services.

- 2 occupational therapists (1 in the Médoc and 1 in the South Gironde) go on a scheduled appointment at the seniors' home in order to make a diagnosis. It allows occupational therapists to recommend the implementation of financial, technical and / or human assistance, to develop social participation, to adapt housing if necessary or to orient towards a priority mutation if adaptation is not possible. These actions help to extend the autonomy of seniors and encourage them to stay at home. This support also makes it possible to break the isolation, to identify distress situations and to remedy them by bringing together the competent partners to find suitable solutions.

- An asset manager is present on the Ella CAR tour. He can thus meet the tenants to meet their technical and rental requests.


Conférence des financeurs 90 000 €
Global cost (in Euros) : 190 000 €

Human resources and partners

Overall cost (in Euros):
- Investment: € 65,000
- Annual operation: € 190,000

Technical means: A mini-truck, furniture equipment (tables / chairs) and IT tools (3 laptops, a printer, an internet router for wi-fi)

Human resources: 2 occupational therapists, 6 volunteers in civic service, 3 asset managers

Partners: Department of Gironde, CCAS, CLIC, associations in the context of prevention for seniors (Asept, Au Bout Du Fil, etc.)

Other information

Project's start year : 2022


Gironde Habitat (Office Public de l’Habitat) (Public structure )
40 rue d’Armagnac
33074 Bordeaux Cedex
06 23 80 95 60 g.larcher@gironde-habitat.fr
Contact : Grégory Larcher (Référent Proximité Seniors)