El Quadrat, coworking and exchance space


  • Project's name : El Quadrat, coworking and exchance space 
  • Country : France 
  • Area (for France only) : Occitanie 
  • Thematic : Employment services and Entrepreneurship 
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  • Structure name : El Quadrat 
  • Address : 15 rue arago 
  • Postal code : 66500 
  • City : Prades 
  • Tel : +33 (0)6 33 16 20 87 
  • Email : asso.elquadrat@gmail.com 
  • Type of structure : Non profit organization 
  • Project's manager contact : - 
  • Website : https://www.elquadrat.fr/ 


  • Context, issues : Knowing the difficulty related to start a business, because we’re living it daily: the young entrepreneurs can only count on themselves and have to carry the commercial, management, accounting, secretary, lawyer hat… in addition to their respective job, all of that while trying to get a decent income
    Not so easy, furthermore when you want to do it in the rural environment…

    Which is why we wish to regroup these locals and audacious initiatives by offering the possibility to those who want to mutualize the spaces and tools and even the services of small structures which have a hard time acquiring them alone. A way of breaking the isolation of home working and see the creation of commune’s dynamics.
  • Goals : The association El Quadrat aims to offer a work and exchange space to encourage the initiatives and installation of creative small companies 
  • Targeted audience : Associations, entrepreneurs, project's carriers... 
  • Project's start year : 2016 


  • Funders :
    • El Quadrat :  €

Conditions of success

  • Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors : Success factor :
    -Rent adapted to the economic reality of the territory (35 € per months pour the leasing of an office)
    -Collaborative project
    -The opportunity of place with a moderate rent

    Vigilance point:
    -Financial equilibrium
    -The maintain of a group dynamic