Domestic wastewater treatment solutions

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Short presentation

The project for ‘Individual Wastewater Treatments’ helped in Csikvánd to solve problems with the collection, cleaning and disposing of communal wastewater. Domestic sewage treatment plants were installed to each household.


The Hungarian Rural Development Programme announced an opportunity called, “Renovation of Rural Areas - Individual Wastewater Treatments”. The project was a suitable call for the municipality to finalize their idea to change the wastewater system. Thanks to the financial support, 128 individual wastewater treatment plans were built-in on the local properties. Depending on the users, three different types of plants were installed.
Csikvánd is a 500 habitant village situated at the border of two counties in north-west of Hungary. The village had difficulties with the lack of wastewater treatment for almost 20 years. The Sewage extractors were built between the 1960s and 1970s which over time became unserviceable for the residents. Removing the old wastewater infrastructure caused several problems, not to mention that a separate sewage network was not accessible due to the far distance to the “nearest” village. For a higher life condition and a more eco-friendly environment a solution for wastewater treatment was essential.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

A 800 years old small village with aprox. 500 inhabitants, with a historical church, castle, museum, wine cellars and wine yards wich one struggles with wastewater treatment managment,

Actions implemented

An application for the development of a local sewer network was prepared for the Regional Development Council, but the investment cost per property was considered very high and therefore it didn’t gain support. The main problem was that the settlement was sparsely populated and therefore it would not be possible to install sewage pipes in every street of the village. In 2010, the local government searched for other options and opportunities.
Two interesting projects concerning possible solutions were identified in the territory of Balaton Development Council. In these cases, two small settlements in Nyim and Gétye set up individual waste water purification equipment. Based on these examples, the local government started a communication campaign to encourage the population to use individual wastewater treatment equipment. As a result, several households purchased sludge equipment and this served as a good example for the rest of the inhabitants. In addition, individual wastewater treatment was proposed by the municipality for all newly built houses.

Global cost (in Euros) :  €

Human resources and partners

municipality + local people

Other information

Project's start year : 2015

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

• Strong points: installation of 128 individual wastewater treatment plants in sparsely populated area, which improved the living conditions and environmental benefits of its inhabitants. This positive outcome helped the community to build a more eco-friendly ambiance so that the rural area could maintain its attractiveness as a place in which to live and work. In this aspect, the project raised awareness for future investors, as well.

• Critical points: communication with the residents in order to prepare them for the different outcomes - an efficient communication campaign built trust and raised interest among the locals, which encouraged them to invest in the individual wastewater treatment

• What we keep: importance and power of cooperation, people can participate in an interactive process for a better community, effective wastewater treatment plants even in sparsely populated areas


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