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Short presentation

Since March 2018, the Association for the employment of women in Entre-Deux-Mers (Apefem) has been working in La Réole (Gironde) and in Réolais on board a traveling truck “@ pefem rural'IT” to provide digital access (for free) and support in online procedures.


The objective of the project is to facilitate access to IT for the population of the community of municipalities with physical support but also to direct people to organizations adapted to a given problem.

Objective of itinerancy in the villages of the Réolais Community of Communes in South Gironde and the surrounding area.
This pole must allow the processing of administrative files quickly so as not to have a break between the receipt of a letter and the user's intervention with the administration and this to avoid a delay most often in the payment of allowances, indemnities, pensions. This mobile solution must help users find the right interlocutors to solve problems in order to prevent situations that could become urgent for housing, labor law, lack of food, addictions, health, violence, This pole must relieve social actors from situations that do not require their intervention.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

APEFEM is an association created on 02/02/2002. She was the winner in 2016 of the call for initiative of the Department of Gironde. The Entre Deux Mers territory and the South Gironde are a vast, very rural area; the Réolais Community of Communes in South Gironde is made up of 41 communes. The territory is poorly served by means of transport and sustainable mobility remains difficult to implement given the size and low density of the population. The South Gironde has known for 4 to 5 years a hardening of precariousness. As in Gironde, long-term unemployment is increasing and affects young people under 25. The RSA beneficiary rate remains within the departmental average with a high proportion of women (57.5%).

The level of studies and vocational training is lower than the departmental average, the rate of illiteracy is high and young people withdraw into themselves linked to problems of school dropout and precariousness are observed. Social isolation is not specific to an age group, it also concerns populations of farmers in psychosocial suffering. Accessibility to services and information contributes to this. In addition, overall there has been a digital disruption of precarious or elderly people. The dematerialization of administrative procedures (CAF, employment center, tax declaration, etc.) requires possession and mastery of the digital tool, as well as a subscription with an internet operator.

Public service receptions for the territory: the Réolais community of municipalities in South Gironde has 3 Public service receptions (ASP): Monségur, Auros and La Réole
Global cost (in Euros) : 75 500 €

Human resources and partners

Budget for year 2018:
38,500 euros in operation
37,000 euros in investment

> Investment financed by the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region, the Vinci la Cité Foundation and the Savings Bank Endowment Fund for a total of 36,570 euros
> Department of the Gironde (10,000 euros)
> Conference of funders (15,600 euros)

Technical resources: 1 Master van converted into an office; 2 laptops, 2 tablets, 1 mobile phone and an independent internet connection.
Human resources: recruitment of a reception and social information officer

Partners: Department of the Gironde and the territorial services, MSA, CARSAT, the municipalities of the territory, the public service receptions of the community of municipalities of Réolais in the south of Gironde and associations with a social character of the territory.

Other information

Project's start year : 2018


Action for the Employment of Women in Entre 2 Mers (APEFEM) (Non profit organization )
10 rue des jacobins
33190 La Réole
09 67 85 18 17 / 07 72 29 39 22
Contact : Mme BIOY