Digital Broadband Equality in Rural Areas

France Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Short presentation

The mission of the Digital Broadband Equality association is to contribute to reducing the digital divide and "illictronism" in the "Ruffecois" territory (North Charente).


To ensure the development of the use of digital in that territory, the objectives are:
1: Convince of the importance of digital inclusion
2: Know their target audiences and make them want to train
3: Identify support systems for public on its territory
4: Identify the funding mechanisms that can be raised
5: Participate in local governance to allow coordination (Networking of the territory) between the different stakeholders

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Our association of general interest, based on a poor rural territory (the "Ruffecois" - North Charente) aims to contribute to reduce the digital divide and "illictronism" in this territory.

The challenges are to:
- work in coordination with the few structures on this territory or bordering which approach the digital within the framework of their actions (social centers, associations of home care services, associations of seniors, associations for culture ...),
- find financial and voluntary resources to develop our actions,
- convince elected officials of small municipalities that digital technology is an opportunity to be seized for the development of sustainable activities in rural areas by actions to raise awareness of the benefits of digital technology for rural areas. Because we are convinced that the solution to the isolation of these sparse areas goes through the development of digital.

The targeted audience is twofold:
- on the one hand, all people suffering from digital problems (access and use) in the territory
- on the other hand the local authorities which haven't developed yet any action plan to face digital divide on this territory

Actions implemented

We intervene in 3 ways:
(1) Personalized help
- By providing, on a case-by-case basis, an individual assistant to find suitable training and / or an internet connection with a satisfactory speed,
- By helping communities and associations in our territories to bring populations far from digital closer to existing training and assistance structures, and if necessary, to bring out new solutions ...
(2) Animation of public meetings: Meetings in town hall, and at the service of organizations involved in the fight against the digital divide on our territory
(3) Information watch
- Information watch with the institutions and entities in charge of reducing the digital divide at the national level, but also as close as possible to our territory (North Charente, and bordering departments) in order to identify the existing local structures involved in the fighting the digital divide.
- Information given to our members and local partners (social center, town halls, associations, etc.), and also accessible on this site under the section "Useful Links" and "News"


FDVA 2018 et FDVA 2019 (Region and Department: Fund for the Development of Community Life (FDVA)) 6 500 €
Donations (from individuals, Crédit Agricole ....) 2 800 €
Others resources : Ongoing research for 2020 and 2021 10 700 €
Global cost (in Euros) : 20 000 €

Human resources and partners

Technical means: Computers and laptop
Human resources: 5 volunteers, 0 employees
Partners: Many associations:
- Espace Numérique Sud Charente
- UNA Charente Vienne
- AFUTT ((French association of Telecom Phone Users)
- Espace Mendes France (Poitiers)
- Assembly of Solidarity Developers Charente Department

Other information

Project's start year : 1978


Egalité Numérique Haut Débit Association (Non profit organization )
12, rue du Moulin du COudret
16140 Oradour
Contact : Michel JANNET CHillé 16140 Oradour tél 06 13 20 23 60